Magical Artemisia (Mugwort) - poem

I wouldn't miss this for anything.

I went through the works of others reading through it, they are all nice entry.

I must confess that I loved and admired all they have written.

Mugowrt: I want you to know that, I am not an herbalist but I love the roles of herbalist and i would have loved to become one.

I am not too familiar with you but I know you are around me watching my steps and thinking I could comes and say hi to you.

I want you to know that I would have loved to, but the thing is, i cannot get a hold of you since i do not know how you look.

Therefore, I am going to make a poem of you!

And I hope you like it!



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To the styles I see, I know you are gracious

To the healing you did, I know you can be Count on

I love the atmosphere, in where they say you lived

I love the way they say you grow

I love the leafs I see you bloom

You are more like a flower to me

Mightier than some plants, i see you as

Mightier as the stars, I see you as

What a friend you are to me and to humanity

What a changed you bring to our life's

Words alone can not express your work in us

You are great and what one could count on.

Thank you for viewing my blog

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