Barking cough| A great help oregano tea, pepper and cloves

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For some months now, many people have been suffering from a very strange flu. It seems strange to me because I remember that in my years the flu always started with a sore throat, fever, chills and sometimes our nostrils would not stop distilling liquid. Since last year the discomfort and all the phlegm passes immediately to the lungs, chest, it is something unpleasant with an awful coughing sound. This virus is called "dog plague", the sound is like the barking of a big dog, loud ha,ha,ha,ha. This time it makes me laugh, but when I went through it, it was terrifying

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In many people it can become complicated, we can say that it is an infection in the bronchial tubes, lungs, the whole respiratory system is complicated, our throat is dry all the time, hoarseness comes and goes. Also when you think you are getting cured, it comes back in a stronger form. I am suffering from this virus, it really feels like I am barking every time I cough. I have had this new virus for almost a month now. I was given a prescription and share it, but of course we have to visit our trusted doctor. I love to make tea with the plants that nature gives us


In this opportunity we will use three oregano leaves, 3 pepper seeds and three cloves in four cups of water, the cup can be a quarter liter capacity


I must say that oregano oregano is somewhat strong, it can be very natural, but we should not abuse its benefits


Place the ingredients in a pot with all the above indications, let it boil for a few minutes and turn it off. Then let it come to a temperature where you can taste it, do not add anything sweet. Take a big spoonful. Repeat this for three days. Be sure to let us know how it went, hoping that you never get the flu, but if it comes to visit you, this tea will be very good for you. Remember to visit your doctor. Duration of the virus one month, but you will continue expectorating for a few more days



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