Magic Lavender: Oils, massage bars, alcohols and repellants. 💜


It is one of the elementary medicinal plants in herbalism, at first it did not attract me much, however I fell in love when in a workshop of Natural Soaps, the teacher had a garden with this beautiful plant, and gave me a cutting and I planted it in my house in a pot.


It is a lovely plant, just seeing it makes you feel better, however if we study its properties it goes much further.

Although lavender is known for its relaxing power, it has calming properties, repellent, antispasmodic, digestive, it is excellent for sensitive skin.

It is one of the key plants in my home medicine and natural cosmetics business. One of my favorite books on medicinal plants by Andrew Chevallier illustrates its many uses as a tea, tincture and essential oil.

However, I prepare macerated oils and alcoholic extracts and hence my preparations.

With the macerated oils I prepare lavender massage bars, which are excellent for relaxing and ideal for very sensitive skin, as it contains cocoa butter it is an excellent moisturizer with great nutritional contribution to the skin.


The macerated oil itself is very good for massages, to relieve headaches, it is also good after bathing to apply a light layer on the body before going to sleep to sleep peacefully.


Its alcoholic extract can be added to the antibacterial gel to have a repellent effect, together with other medicinal plants for greater action.


The alcoholic extract of lavender is also used for cleaning surfaces, together with geranium, which my husband likes very much. It is excellent for removing oily residues

Additionally its cultivation is simple, it is a plant that likes the sun, does not need abundant water, the cold damages it very quickly so you have to be aware of the cold breezes and sudden weather changes as it happens where I live in Merida.


It has many uses and it is a plant that just by seeing it will relax you and will transmit you an incredible peace.


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All photos are my own. Taken with the Redmi 9A



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