CBD - Thyme - Bay leaves Oxymel!!

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I am coming late to the party, I saw many many many good posts, I got shy for a few days seeing how much effort is put into, I struggled making it look pretty because I am a man, and I know it sounds cliché, but I hate doing things when you need to make it pretty.

I normally shove things in other things, and bam! Done.

That's why Oxymel is right down my alley.



I have no idea what I am doing, so I ask my dear queen @lionmom what's the first step, and it's all about sterilization, I am sure none of you thought of that in your post! Ah! Ed Privat is innovating...

While I am speaking "3rd person mode", it's important to remind Ed not to touch the jar while it's boiling.

Here is another innovation, I call it "steaming jar in crystal lagoon"


Now I am supposed to tell you that it's CBD, because by law it's prohibited to have anything but CBD in France, it's important to add to the story, in case one day, I am on the run from the Police and they're trying to build up a case on me "a la Pablo", they might go through the blockchain archives where everything sustains, and find an article about me growing some prohibited substance, wooohee, they have then a case for extradition.

By then hopefully , I'll be there:

Anyway, back to our "CBD", I had a lot of trims from last year, and didn't know what to do with it.
You can really see it, but some of the leaves are a bid mouldy, so I preferred not to add them in the jar.
Anyway I thought it would be too strong (in CBD of course 😁),

Hnet-image (1).gif

Hnet-image (3).gif

Look at me massaging this trims, this post is about to get a little bit like food porn, I am gonna pour things, touch other things, get that slow motion ready, put a sweat pant on, and let's go!






So instead of using the trims, I went with the stems, that I always keep to chew, and to use at toothpick. There's also a method to my madness, I don't want something too potent, I might even just micro-dose it.




Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, we wanted to add thyme and bay leaves, because why not! Check the benefits, you'll understand why:

  • Boosts Immunity
  • Helps with sugar levels
  • Helps with reducing anxiety
  • Vitamin C
  • Potassium
  • Manganese

Enough talking, how about that weed/food porn you were talking about Ed?



"Saxophone music starts playing..."


"Oh yeaaaaaaah, put that bud in"


Is the honey ready? You tell me...

Hnet.com-image (1).gif

The beat starts: "Boom boom chack, boom boom chack"

Hnet-image (4).gif



Now I know what you think, "What the fuck is going on right here?" and I understand your concern, I am myself asking the same thing, but hear me, did you know that apple cider vinegar dripping can be sexy?
Check this out:

Hnet-image (5).gif

Hnet-image (6).gif

Ok, maybe it ain't that sexy. It might even look like piss come to think of it 😔...Golden Shower time!





So, what we're going to do, is see how strong it is, and will add up some of the best trim if necessary (the least damaged leaves), I have a feeling though that this will help you sleep, and it might even get you a little high 🤗

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