Butters and Hinata

Hello, my friends.


I sat and rummaged through my photo archive.
Today is a sad day for me. My father-in-law, my wife's dad, passed away last night. He was a very good man, and I can't even see him off on his last journey.
I am sitting at home with my daughter and my mother, who is over 80 years old and who cannot be left alone at home because she also has health problems.
And so I was looking through my photo archive and saw this photo.
Butters is 2 years older than Hinata. I think, friends, that you understand who is where in the photo. Butters is higher up the stairs. His daughter brought it. It was given to her "in good hands." I brought Hinata last year.
Sometimes it seems to me that they were born from the same cat, that they are brother and sister. They are very similar in color and build. Therefore, sometimes we even confuse them. There is one difference - Butters talks very loudly, and Hina is usually silent, but jumps and runs a lot.

@manorvillemike, why didn't I know there was such a CATSNAPS community? Look at Butters. He is also outraged by the fact that he knew nothing about such a community! 😂
Of course, this is just a joke.

I add my beloved @archon community as a 5% beneficiary of the post.

I add my beloved @ru-trail community as a 5% beneficiary of the post.


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