Sunrise on the Jomblang Sea

Hi all Friends at ASEAN Hive Community,

Good evening all my friends, A beautiful night and also fun, Then tonight is also cold because of the rain, And I really enjoy the atmosphere tonight by drinking coffee and relaxing with my friends at the coffee shop we all subscribe to.


And this morning I will make a post about the atmosphere of the morning sun in the Jomblang Sea while exercising alone in the morning, and I really enjoy this sunny morning, and this is also a beautiful experience, and I really like the view of this atmosphere.

The atmosphere of the sun this morning is the thing I rarely see especially this time in the morning, I also have a hard time getting up early because it's a late night, and coincidentally that night I got up early and immediately exercised in the morning then took the time to find the atmosphere different.



But I also rarely see the atmosphere of this sunrise, because usually I rarely go to the sea, and exercise, of course in Lhokseumawe Reservoir, then from Lhokseumawe Reservoir this atmosphere is not like the picture I took at that time, and quite different for sure, this is a scenic atmosphere the beautiful one.

Sunrise is a good thing for health, some say the morning sun is healthy for the skin, Then the air is also very good because there is no air pollution and no air is polluted with fumes from vehicles on the streets, and in other places.



Then this is an extraordinary thing because I can get something good and can also get a double chance, indeed the moment in the morning is an extraordinary thing, but not always I can get something extraordinary on this occasion , really sad for me personally.

Hopefully in the future I can do this with what I like and also I can enjoy the days with something useful.



That's all I can say on this occasion, may it be a blessing and also useful for all of us. See you in my next post.

CameraOppo F7
LocatedAceh, Indonesia


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