Enjoying Acehnese Food

Good night all friends, tonight I want to tell you about my fun making pulot, in aceh roasted pulot is a typical aceh food. at first glance we see pulot is almost the same as timphan. ![](

This one snack is very suitable and tastes delicious if eaten directly after being grilled using charcoal.
This pulot can also be combined with coffee, durian, and so on.

how to make pulot is also very easy, the main ingredients used are glutinous rice, sugar, coconut milk, salt and also banana leaves to wrap it.

all the ingredients are mixed except banana leaves, because banana leaves are used for wrapping like making pepes and the last time we grilled with charcoal.

Eating this roasted pulot has a delicious taste, coupled with the aroma of banana leaves, really tempting anyone who enjoys it.

Pulot is also very much like it, in aceh this is a traditional cake called roasted pulot, the taste is legit and savory, usually this pulot is sold in coffee shops, cake traders.
the materials used.

3 cups glutinous rice    
    1 cup coconut milk
       take the starch
     3 tbsp sugar
    1 tbsp salt
      banana leaf

how to make
1. Wash the glutinous rice thoroughly.
2. First, cook the glutinous rice and coconut milk in a frying pan until it boils.
3. Enter the sugar and salt to taste just according to the dose
4. Cook the glutinous rice until cooked and fluffy.
5. Take the sticky rice then wrap it in 2 or 3 layers.
6. Bake the glutinous rice until fragrant and cooked, then the pulot is ready to be served.

maybe this is all I can share, hopefully it will be useful for all of my friends, for friends who want to try it can take my recipe, good luck, if there is an error in my delivery or writing I apologize profusely.

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