The Talcum Mask

Hello, hive friends, I feel so tired yesterday since I spent the whole day on my mother's farm planting cassava and I even brought Czak with me. Sadly, I used my husband's phone for documentation on yesterday's even so I won't be able to share it with you today.

But for my post today, I'll be sharing the moments that I and my kids share one night in our life

During day time, I was not doing anything much, I just did my job at work and tried to draw shadows on my husband's portrait in my DIY sketch notebook. Now it looked better than before the edit and it looks more like 3D now.

Just before I go home, here is what the sky looks like; dar clouds are hovering above us like they are gonna fall anytime at that time.

My lovely Mount Kitanglad is not even visible due to heavy clouds.

This is what I saw when we arrived home; my sister Indang is preparing chicken meat for dinner

Look at her hair, I love them! they are natural grey and now almost all of her hairs are gray in color.

After dinner, we headed home, and my husband has already left for his work for the night. Laling found the talcum powder and they played with it. Czak been look like he is wearing a mask. he looks different not that his eyes were like having eyeliners. He could pass as the son of the mask haha.

While laling put talcum fewer than Czak did but still looked silly.

Aelie just finished crying and I pacified her with milk. She wanted her sister to sleep beside my mother because she does not want her to be alone.

After a little comforting, Alelie is now alright and we all had a good time. A few minutes later, Laling fell asleep while Aelie slept at 10 pm and Czak at 11; not quite a regular bedtime for kids eh? i don't like it when they do that.

When kids are still awake past ten, I cannot do some online grinds for that night. I miss those times when Czak falls asleep as early as 8 pm so that I still have lots of time for my hobbies too. it's been two months that I was not able to sew too.

Are your kids like this too?

Thank you for your time, keep safe and God bless us all.

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