Side Trip at View deck, Claveria, Misamis Oriental

This is my entry for ASEAN Hive Challenge "Landscape Photography" by @ justinparke and aseanhive community.

The phtoto above was taken August 21, 2023 while at View Deck, Claveria, Misamis Oriental.

It was on our way to Civoleg, Gingoog City when almost all the girls on the bus needed a restroom stop. Good thing View Deck offers it and of course, we went to get photos too!

Here are some more of the photos I took.

I and 40+ more of my colleagues were on a Dosal's bus and were taking an almost 2 hour ride to Civoleg hilltop hub. The views along the way were so incredible that I did not put my camera down nor take a nap while traveling.

On the view deck, here are the photos I took, I regret not bringing a selfie stick but Im happy enough that my phone camera was in favor of me this time.

On the frame are some barangays of Claveria, Misamis Oriental but the vast part here is Barangay Mat-i. Dramatic, isn't it?

It was just a quick stop, about 10 minutes so we would not miss the schedule we had at the resort.

I took my college at Claveria but I never traveled this far. Back then, this place was known to be grounds for the NPAs and the mode of transportation was just motorcycles and jeeps. Motorcycles have high fees and jeepneys follow schedule for traveling. The road was not concreted back then.

I regret those times not exploring, Mat-i offers a wonderful scenery and weather, and never discovered it until that day.

Anyway, if you want to come here, it's very easy to find on Google Maps and I assure you, nothing here has to be afraid of, well except for rain of you ride on a motorcycle and did not bring raincoats.

The entrance fee is only 20 pesos and there are lots of delicious food in their store which we did not have because of the time allowance and financial reasons, lol!

This will be all for now thank you for your time and support.

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