My Entry for "Show Me Your Morning Commute" Community Challenge

Hello hive friends, FInally, I had the time to make an entry for this weekly challenge.

Fro my way to work, Have lots of options for commuting, I live beside a highway and so dos my workplace.

Four years ago in the same company that I work for, I have to travel for thirty minutes and walk for about 3 minutes to work. My company needed someone who can be in the feed mill, and I was very lucky to be chosen, I am now nearer, and I spend less money and time fo traveling. so let me show you it all.

Passenger type Multicab

I like to ride on these multicabs, they are easy to get full because there are only 7 passengers required to sit per bench left and right, 14 in total.


Sometimes, I can sit beside the driver

I like sitting here because it isolates me from the rest of the passengers

It even gives me access to free mirrors which I cannot do at home.


On the time taken this picture, it was raining but windshields make it safe. I can see my destination clearly from here unlike when I am in the backside.

And sometimes at the back

Sometimes, I am forced to si here, especially if someone has already occupied the front seat. I don't lie here much because people do not observe social distancing anymore. it feels risky.

A picture of what is inside a multicab



The Philippines has been known for its jeepneys. And this is what it looks like. MBefore pandemic, Jeepneys are the most convinient commute. But sometimes, the conductor wants to have lots of passengers and lets the passenger come up even if it is already full There are unfortunate times that I sit only half of my butt for over thirty minutes. I have to endure it so that I won't get late for work.
A picture of what is a jeep's nose look like. Under the cover of white and maroon is the machine; the main motor and the radiator. There was an incident once where the cover was flipped open while moving. goo thing a passenger shouted for the driver to step on the break. We are so blessed that we did not get on any accident at that moment.

Mold inhabited the mirror due to its age. I cannot guess how old this jeep was but the model says it is from the 1990s, yet the motor is still in a very good condition.

I took a selfie inside the jeep, catching the driver looking at the rearview mirror making sure that the passenger had taken his seat before he continue to move.

Dolog/ BaoBao? Tricab

Unlike DIY assembled tricycles, this vehicle is made with three tires, and I guess this originated from India when I first saw this in Mr. Bones' movie. It can cater to 6 people including the driver. Though I and my colleagues are in the vehicle in this picture, I also use it as a morning commute, I just was not able to take a photo of myself there on the actual.


While on the rise of the pandemic and the fare has risen up to twice the original fare, I requested my husband to buy me a bike. This way, I can move freely, I can pass freely on the quarantine chick points and I can protect my family from the danger of catching the virus from other passengers. But as my husband loaned for a motorcycle, He was the one that brings me to work. Well except for the days that he needs to go to work early that is why I was able to commute and take the pictures I posted above

In the picture above, I took it because I had a hard time driving; teh body and the ones that should be held are disaligned

There are even incidents that I had a very flat tire and I was very late for work becasu eIstillhave to wait for the techinician to come and fix my bike.




My present commute

I was very glad to have kept pictures over time. I never thought I would be able to use it all here. Thank you for the opportunity, @Aseanhive

Thank you for being with me, keep safe.

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