👨‍💻 ASEAN Hive Community Challenge #38 🥳 How Will/Did You Spend Your New Year? 🎊 ASEAN Hive Community Challenge #38 How Will/Did You Spend Your New Year?

Hello everyone! The new year is fast approaching but I think I am not ready yet. But ready or not, it will definitely come, right?

Last New year,

I and my family celebrated with the family on my husband's side.
They held a small party that consisted of drinking and videoke and some food.
Everyone in the family gathered to celebrate and have fun.

Here are some snaps I took while waiting for midnight to come:

The kids a fell asleep waiting for midnight but the older kids (cousins) are having fun; some minors were allowed by their parents to drink which I don't like seeing, I was reminded of some alcohol thieving I did way back then haha.

My husband is out too but since he does not drink, he only played with boga, a DIY explosive made with a tube, packed with air, and something flammable to 'Boom!'.

I cannot leave my kids alone so I stayed indoors and this is what it looks like inside. Pardon me for the stressed face. I was so tired back then.

When th midnight came, the barangay council sparked fireworks and I woke my kids so they could see them and we all had fun! It was so wonderful to see. We then had some food and left to get home.

When we arrived at my mother's house, we ate mostly desserts and then went to sleep.

On the first day of the New Year

The family on my father's side called for a meeting but I don't think it will happen this coming year, they are having arguments regarding the properties my grandparents left.

This coming Year

My husband's family planned to celebrate it on the poultry where one of my sister inlaws is working as a tenant and I don't like teh idea and here are the reasons:

  1. It's so smelly there. Livestock produce lots of waste and the layer of chickens is no excuse. I have been to a lot of poultry farms before and I hate the smell

  2. When my son once went there, he was talking about a child he was playing with. I don't really know if it was true or not but I don't like the thought of him having an imaginary friend or worst, a paranormal friend to play with.

  3. The road is very slippery. The barangay road is not done on the constructed yet and the road will be like a porridge when it rains. It will be a huge hassle for me and my kids

  4. We cannot see the barangay council's fireworks.
    A huge company building is blocking the sight and some huge trees are around so we will be like isolated on that area.

Oh, I hope they will be changing their minds at that time.

But honestly, I was looking forward to spend the New year alone with the family. But I'm in no rush yet, I know that time will come, I just had to treasure the time I still have a huge family that gathers around to show love and happiness around me.

The celebration hte new year may not be as good as I expected it but I know no matter what, it will be the best every time because we have a family by our side.

For me, whatever the celebration to be celebrated, it will be best when the family is around no matter how few the food may be or how unfestive the occasion may be. I hope you think the same too.

Happy New year everyone!

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