Trying the google voice typing to write an article.

Trying the google voice typing to write an article. So i watch a video in facebook where in the uploader said that you can send a message without typing and you can do it via google voice typing. So i tried it on my messenger and find out that it's true and even amazed because somehow i can create an article without typing everytime i am not in the mood to top my fingers. As you can see the word top is misspelled correctly and i don't know if my pronunciation is not correct or it's just that dad dictionary of google in the keyboard is not accurate or the only top worried is t o p and not t a p.

I am on the second paragraph of my article and still using the google voice typing. I only stop using the voice typing of google when i need to put a period. So as i was typing the word period , the symbol of period appear and i need to delete it. Then i found out that i can also put symbols by saying it like period comma parenthesis ! ? Hyphen semicolon and more. As you can see google voice typing are confused with what i said. There's a word and the symbol and maybe he didn't know how and where to use it. As you can see in the first sentence of the second paragraph i use the word steel and then the google voice typing type as s t e e l instead of s t i l l. And like the first one the set of words has the same pronunciation.

Now i am on the third paragraph of the article. As i am saying the first sentence of this paragraph i said it fast and google voice typing didn't recognize what i am saying. Instead of "now i am the third" on the google voice type this "i am monitored". I noticed that the letter i is not capitalized so let's try to say capital i. As you can see it didn't work so you also need to edit the word i mean the letter i because it is not capitalize.

Discovering this google voice typing is really amazing and i find it so comfortable because you just need to speak instead of topping and you can form an article. All you need to do is to proofread your article after you finish writing because google voice typing is not that perfect like google translate but it is convenient specially when we just want to speak out.

I am on the fifth paragraph and i only use google voice typing on it and i will not read it so that you can see the output or result of what i did. After i watch it on video on facebook i tried it first and the messenger and then try to make an article using it.


You can also try it by yourself and be amazed on google voice typing. Thank you for reading.

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