How to trade on hive always win

Recently, some of my friends have not grasped the most effective way to trade. So today a genuine trader like me will introduce to everyone how to trade the strongest win. phuc_by.jpg

Usually I will choose a coin that is in a time of high capitalization and strong buying and selling in that coin. This you can know on coinmarketcap. Today I will guide 1 coin specifically hive and the amount of capital is 1000 dollars on binance exchangebinance.jpg
Basically, my trading method is integrated from the base of swinging peaks and selling cheap many times all in . More specifically, this time I am also following this campaign. $1000 salary will be divided into 10 trades according to each market segment so that you can understand more I will practice 1 time to help you understand a little more specifically. image.png
you will be able to place 1 order in this position of 0.7400 with a value of $100 . case if hive increases 20% 0.88 you can sell off 20% to 30% of your holdings. keep holding when it reaches 100% you can sell another 50% then the situation is good you can sell at 200 300 400 with 50% capital.

the next case when hive drops 10% from the price of 0.74 is 0.66 you buy another 10% equivalent to $ 100 . if there is growth then you can apply the formula in case 1 is to increase 20% selling 20 to 30 coin volume. increase 100% selling 50% of coin holding volume. In cases where the coin starts to trend down, you can buy more with the remaining amount, apply exactly 20% to reduce the purchase price of $ 100. with this strategy you always win believe me

The advantage with asset division is that you can limit your stop loss. moreover helps the number of coins you increase case by case the amount of money in your wallet is always ready for bottom fishing to increase profit from that coin Disadvantages of each method you will

Encounter its downsides. With this method the disadvantage here is that you can't go all in, which means that if you increase you will have less profit. but I think that's very unlikely because things are not easy to achieve

All the above knowledge is from my own experience it is a reference not advice I think you will also make stronger trades than mine. thanks for reading follow_upvote_reblog.png

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