✨🕯️Thadingyut Full Moon day( Myanmar festival of lights)🕯️✨



Hello everyone,
Today is the full moon. Today is my country's festival day. What kind of festival is it like Christmas or easter day. Today, the full moon day is celebrated by the Myanmar people in connection with the Buddha I worship. This full moon night is called Thadingyut Full Moon day by Myanmar people. This festival is also called Myanmar festival of lights. It is so called because candles are lit in almost every home on this day. On this day, most Burmese people go to the pagoda for charity. Burmese schools are usually closed on such days. On this day, young people pay obeisance their parents, teachers, grandparents and adults. Parents, teachers, grandparents and adults pray for them. And parents, teachers, grandparents and adults also give them back some money. I think this is a lovely tradition.


I go to the pagoda every year on a full moon like this. However, because of covid19, I did not go to the temple for two years. However, I enjoy celebrating this festival with my family at home. I pay obeisance her to my parents on this day. Last year, a friend of mine came to my house on this day to celebrate this festival with my family. Below are some pictures I took with a friend last year.





That day, my friend, my younger brother and I played with Fireworks together. We also launched some lantern into the sky. This is very fun. I did not have to take pictures of him because my brother did not like taking pictures of him. It is great to have a party with friends on a festival like this. This year my friend is in another city. That is why they cannot come to us.







This year too I paid my parents obeisance. And I light candles at home with my younger brother. Then I had dinner with my family. Today I had a hard time lighting a candle because of the clouds and wind in my town. Finally, the wind did not blow so hard that I was able to light a candle. At above i show some pictures of the candles I lit. Today Thadingyut Full Moon day was so much fun.







The images above were taken in 2018 before covid 19. On this day in 2018, the people of the city gathered and launched a huge fireball into the sky. That balloon launch is too big. That balloon launch is also beautiful. It also produces fireworks when it reaches the sky . In 2018, my phone camera was bad and I could not take good pictures . There is a balloon launch festival in my state that is bigger than that balloon launch. It was a very fun night. That balloon launch site is very close to my house. We do not launch such a balloon in our city this year due to the covid 19 and the political situation in our country. I think in the coming years they will.
Thank you all. 🍇


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