🎃Second time picking pumpkins from my backyard🎃



Hello everyone,
It is autumn in our state. During this time, vegetables and fruits were abundant in our town. Vegetables are also cheaper during this time. The other day my father and I were picking chayote and I saw a lot of pumpkins. I did not pick pumpkin because I picked a lot of chayote that day. Today the weather is nice too. So, today I went to pick pumpkins. Sometimes I had to be careful because there were snakes nearby. Our backyard has good soil, so pumpkins produce a lot of fruit in a year. This is not the first time I have picked pumpkins today. About a month ago I picked a pumpkin. Today I got 4 pumpkins.





I also saw pumpkin flowers when I was picking pumpkins today. The first picture above shows me one of the largest and most beautiful of these flowers. The rest of the pumpkin flowers are just buds. In the picture no4, the pumpkin bud is under the leaf. Of all the pictures I took today, I liked that one the most. These too will soon bear fruit.


I also saw small pumpkins that turned from pumpkin flowers into fruit. I think these small pumpkins have recently changed from flowers. These small pumpkins will soon become big pumpkins. At that time, I will pick it up again.




Pumpkin leaves, wild plant leaves and wild sunflower leaves are mixed as shown in the picture. Pumpkin leaves can Itching the hands when I hold them. The young leaves can be eaten, but the raw leaves can be itchy. Caterpillars also like these pumpkin leaves. Snails can sometimes be found on these leaves. The plants grown on our yard are not treated with pesticides, so we cannot get rid of them well.


The pumpkin in the picture above is the first one I picked today. The pumpkin lives among wild plants. It was a little difficult for me to pick the pumpkin because the leaves of this wild plant bleed when touched. But I was able to pick it up.







Pumpkins are growing everywhere. I also have wild sunflower plants in my backyard. Pumpkins are also among the wild sunflowers plant. The pumpkins I picked today are green on the outside. When ripe, the outer color does not change to orange. It is only green. There were a lot of pumpkins in the backyard, but I picked only four.

I no longer sell these four pumpkins to vendors. Two of my friends told me that they would visit to me on Thursday. I thought I would give them one pumpkin in that day. I will save the other two for our family.


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