🍛Preparing lunch for the children I teach🍛

Hello my loving Asean Hive community,

Welcome to my new post. How's everything? Yesterday I told you about making a sakura papercraft for a neighbor kid. For today, I did not do any papercraft or DIY. I have not been out for a long time and I have not been for a long time to the dormitory where I was a guide when I was just graduating from high school. Today I went to the dormitory and helped prepare lunch for the students.


It is very far from my house where the dormitory is. My house is in the south of town, and dormitory is in the north of town. So I went to the dormitory at about 8 in the morning. The weather was cloudy these days and it was too early when I left, so there were not many people on the road.



In the morning I teach the children in the dormitory and in the afternoon I help prepare lunch for them. The children in the dormitory are very young, so I do not use ceramic plates. According to the number of students in the dormitory, I set some plates and bowls on the table.



Because of the large number of students in the dormitory, the chef has to cook a lot of rice every day. I really like the smell of rice when I turn on the rice cooker. I do not put the rice in the rice cooker directly on the plates. First, transfer some of the rice from the rice cooker to the bowl as needed.




Some of the children in the dormitory are as young as five years old. They can not eat a lot of rice, so I only add a small amount of rice for them. I can add more when they need rice, but it can be a waste when they do not finish their meal.






The chef in this dormitory is very good at cooking. I like all the dishes she cooks and the kids in the dormitory love them too. She sometimes even makes desserts for the kids. Today's menu includes fish, potato fried, bamboo shoot and chicken soup. All three menus are my favorite dishes. These dishes are very tasty and the aroma is very fragrant.



Do you like to eat fish curry? I really like fish curry. Some of my friends do not like fish curry. But they like grilled fish. 😅 Some students in the dormitory also did not like fish dishes. So the chef prepares fried eggs for them.


I can be busy these days because I have to teach the children in that dormitory these days. But I will try to post every day. I will also try to post about the cute kids in this dormitory. That's all for today. Thank you. 🍇


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