My happy memories from 2 photo albums



Hello everyone,
Today, while searching for a book, I came across two photo albums with photos. I've been saving these two photo albums for so long that I forgot where I saved them. Today I found those two photo albums again. There are a lot of memorable photos of my family in these albums. When my brother and I were young, my father used to take pictures of us with a camera. Now that camera is broken. Most of the photos from those two albums were taken by my father. Here are some pictures:



The first picture is of our family. The second picture is of my parents. My brother was very young when took those pictures. I was only an elementary school student at the time. These are pictures taken at our family's old house.





The pictures above were taken during our family visit. My brother poses a lot when taking photos. Needless to say, he can do poses. I'm not good at doing that. I think he is very cute in those pictures. The place we visit is a pagoda. It is on a mountain. There was a story about the golden deer. That is why there are so many golden deer statues and goddesses statues on the mountain. There are also many cherry trees. However, these flowers have not yet bloomed because they are still in the autumn. In December, cherry blossoms bloom almost all over my town.





The pictures above are of me, my friend, my brother. The girl in the black shirt is my friend. I am in a blue shirt😅. My brother is always cute. At that time, I was only grade 3 and my friend was grade 4. My brother is still in pre-school at that time.
I like looking at old photos. Because when I look at old photos, I remember some happy memories of that time. I like that feeling. That's why I tend to keep old photos carefully.
Thank you all. 🍇


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