The Joy of Buying An Ice Cream

It's another hot weather in our place and we all knew that if there is a hot weather, people tend to find food that are cold to ease the hot weather or to ease the heat of the sun or to make them better from their day. Just like an ice cream and we all knew that kids really like eating Ice cream and of course the adults also likes eating Ice cream because even if they are adult, they can enjoy eating it.

Today, I went to this store to buy and try their new food on this store which are buko juice and Ice cream but I only bought this ice cream because I am craving for an ice cream but not the Buko juice (coconut juice). I tried the Buko Juice and it's really juicy and sweet with some tiny longs bits of coconut flesh with that juice.

Anyway, let's not talk about the Coconut Juice because today I am going to share to you about the all time favorite of the people and mostly for the kids. As I am sitting on our couch in the living room, I saw one of of my sibling that is eating an ice cream and I was shocked to see her that she is eating an ice cream because I knew that there are no ice cream vendor that is near our place.

As I approached my sister, I asked her on where did she bought that because I want to try on the ice cream that she is eating and she told me that I can buy the ice cream on the in front of the next block. I was surprised when she told me that there is now a store that are selling an ice cream that is near our place because we need to go to the center of town to but it.

As she told me that, I went as fast as I could and get a few money on my drawer to buy a piece of ice cream that she bought and I think this is one of their new product that they release for the ice cream. It's been a long time that I have eaten an ice cream.

The store is really near our place and when I get to see the freezer of the ice cream products, there are lots of them to choose from and one of the ice cream is where my sister choose to pick and I'm also curious on what's the taste of the purple one of the ice cream, that's why I picked it. I only pick one for my cravings, I don't like to buy a bigger one because I can't eat all of them if I buy lots of it.

I enjoyed eating this ice cream while going into my house and I am like a kid enjoyed the ice eating and licking it. While enjoying it, I also remember when I was a little kid who ate an ice cream but in a different flavor. I can remember those times that I am eating together with my friends, with my siblings, and with my classmates.

It's fun eating this ice cream while remembering them, there were some funny moments where one of my classmates eating a local ice cream then it suddenly the ice cream was not holding tightly with the stick and it fall down in the road. We laugh so hard at those time as we told him that his ice cream is now in the road.

For the flavor that I choose this time is COCO UBE which is a new product for an ice cream and my sister ate when I saw her. Next time that I will buy again, I will choose another flavor of an ice cream because there are lots of new flavors that I hadn't tried before.

How do you enjoy your ice cream? I like to eat them with my friends and family but this time I eat alone because I am excited to go there and try it for myself because it's a long time that I haven't eaten an ice cream.

Note: The first photo was edited by myself using Canva




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