Chillout Cafe & Bar "The Accidental Business" Part 1

Chillout Cafe & Bar, some say "its one of the hypiest cafe & bar in the area of Kepayan Penampang", some even say that "one of the best local bar in Town" just outside 5min away from the bustling city of KOTA KINABALU, SABAH.

Set up and born in "operation" merely 2-3 weeks just before the first LOCKDOWN MOVEMENT CONTROL ORDER (MCO) by Goverment of Malaysia (SUPER SUCKS IF I WERE TO THINK BACK). To be exact I think it was 2nd week of February 2020 the biz started.

It was one hell of a opening biz. I remeber vividly people were not wearing mask, no SOP, no polis, no sign of Covid and biz were brisk at top of our neck.

Then our Covid-19 friend decided to join in the Fun, it was not fun at all mate, biznes were closed, no dine in, people dying in hospital, staff no salary, rent needs to be paid, stocks of barrel beer are expired, rotten food need to be thrown away, money kept flushing away. What a year it was 2020.

One word for it is SUFFERING


We barely made it, barely. However, one thing for sure we presevere, the management decided to hold on the staff, paid thier salary half month, give them a roof to stay, weekly basis supported them with food and home necessity as well.

It was not bed of roses for the management, we even took out loan to give out to staff so that they get back on thier feet. Thank God we presevere, and be patient.

Come today we are back in business. Chillout Cafe & Bar is fully in operational with customers from KL, Tawau, Keningau, Sandakan coming down to try our food and drinks as they heard word of mouth about the place.


Accidental Business - the journey on this venture of business is really accidently born.

Few village boys keep dreaming running a bar when they were young, because they love to drink and enjoy the ambience of PR, fun laughter and joy. Then, they decided to try out at a very minimal cost of ventures using second hand tables and chairs, aircon, renovation at the simplest and cost effecting way. The best part is, every each individual partners is a master in thier own field, (Contractors, PR Marketing, Accounting, and lastly A Jack of All Trades).


We shine in each of our departments and succeed to make it work and tried the very cost minimal way to run a bar providing top mid high range service for Cafe and Bar.

We (I) humbly can say, we succeed in operating one of the best bar in Town. People start calling in to make reservations for table, putting down thier orders before they arrive.

If those knows me in @teammalaysia community, I came from a total diffrent background and definately not running a bar. Haha... but I love it, I enjoy it actually because it is the best job in the world !!! TO MAKE PEOPLE DRUNK (I MEAN HAPPY) 🥴 🤣 🙃

By the way, we upgraded slowly the tables and chairs, air-conditioning, pool tables, DART Machine along each month. Haha... no more using old fixtures. Lol. We don't just give comfort but also values to the money spend at the bar and worth of coming.

To be continued... will tell you more stories and pictures too

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