Welcome February // please be good to me

Greeting everyone ,

How are you? I hope you have a great day today that better than yesterday.


2 days ago , im joining free course on how to use Adobe Premier and Adobe After Effect. Both class successfully give me a headache and im officially still in cocoon mood which dont want to do anyhing except sitting down and do nothing all day. Me and my friend @gideongys and @tawadak24 call this phase , "into the cave" where we trying not to do any interaction to other but ourselves. Well , the funny thing we always embrace and respect each other in this period of time even people call the missing in action period . I guess being friend with them for long time giving us the synchronise brain. !LOLZ

Im sitting on my desk , and do a lot of thinking on what i really want to do in life. Well , it was quite challenging because im cant think about life of myself but i have to think for 2 people now after being married with my beautiful wife. :). To be honest , if i was thinking only for myself , i guess i already pack my bag and start backpacker again and only going back to Malaysia after a few years.


In year 2023 , the year of rabbit i try to re-branding myself into the better version of me . Of course like i say before to get better health and body to challenge the mount Kinabalu if my first step in this phase.

Investing more time to learning about photography and organise my artwork to present it for better portfolio so i can get more client . I really want upgrade my gear , there was some lenses that i really want to have (i have mention the lenses in my previous post) for better work.

Getting involved in videography . I actually start my journey by making video , but as a self-learner i cant breakthrough to become good videographer plus there is no youtube at my time. Then , im walking as photography until now . But , when im joining those course , i feel that my gadget was under used. So , i take my courage to get involved more in videography plus I have good mentor and friend for learning videography , @gideongys .


2023 gonna be a new journey for me and my wife . And if you wonder who is this person , i let you see some of our picture during our big day.


I just being lucky to be part of her life chapter. My old bucket list has been added with her bucket list Some was being upgraded , while some was totally been bury . I know the journey is not gonna be the same like when i was wondering alone , but i believe it ll be fun from now on .


Thanks for everyone who was being part of my journey in HIVE . It was up and down that make the journey not forgot able . Let's continue our journey in HIVE, until the world know that HIVE is exist for everyone.

Cheers , thanks for stop by and see you in another journey.

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