Olive-backed Sunbird spotted at SICC

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Olive-backed Sunbird

I was lucky enough to capture an olive-backed sunbird when we were visiting the car show at SICC last week. You might be curious: how did I get the birds when there were cars and people everywhere?

Me and the other friend were too bored to listen to all the speeches when the inauguration was being held by the committee. We walk to the nearest open space toward the sea, trying to capture the ship while enjoying the sunset view (it was almost sunset at that time). One of our friends, Alric, who is our Canon gadget supplier (he was actually working with Canon), brought two tele lenses. I got the opportunity to use the 800 mm f/5.6 Canon lens equipped with an R8 Canon body.

As I tried to capture around that place, the bird (or scientifically known as the olive-backed sunbird) was playing at the bushes near us. It was flying around from one place to another, which made it very difficult to be tracked. Alric taught us some tricks to use that lens (as you know, he was an expert when it came to birding . While I'm just a novice beginner still trying to learn the art of birding ). I was lucky enough to get that trick and capture this beautiful fairy friend.


I believe there was a couple of them but i only get chances to capture the female birds. The male birds has an iridescent blue throat while the females got a yellow throat and eyebrow.

Here some photo of it :

I hope you enjoy today series . See you in another journey . Cheers.

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