It's me time for 2023 target and to do list ;0'

Merry Christmas Everyone

How you Christmas eve? I hope you awesome Christmas especially for those who spending their off-day with their love one. It was a celebration day for celebrating new born baby Jesus Christ for Christian all over the world . A celebration of joy because the saviour in this world 2022 years ago.

And even you didnt celebrate Christmas like those who believe , but i believe you ll have a good family time or maybe your personal rest from daily busy day especially its already at the end of the year.


Im celebrating this Christmas at my wife village . Of course , i going back to my hometown few days before this celebration with my wife and celebrating early Christmas with my parent and family. We cooking food together , story time every time and yeah we have a blast day.

Im joining the Christmas eve at my wife village church. Im enjoy the Christmas eve even it was something new for me to celebrate the Christmas at new place. :).

After finish the church , we been invited to visiting some houses for food. Im happy because it was first time im walking around at this place because usually when i only spend time at home when we going back here because it was just short break.


After visiting the houses , the day start to rain again . It has been raining fore few days again in our places. Yesterday , the wind is so strong and the sea level getting high until the highway. Lucky , i didnt go around the town at that time.

Because this place is so far from the town , its very hard to get any internet line when im going back here. The only way to get the net is to climb the hill behind the house or drive another 30 minutes for the nearest net.

I decided to climb the hill alone since my wife spending some family time while sharing our wedding day picture with her sister and mother.

Climbing up is not difficult as the first time . Maybe i have use to climb the hill regularly. The only frustration that come is when there is no net when we got at the top and this happening again this time .

Instead of going down quickly , i just sit and let my mind fly around. Its start raining but not that heavy as before. I just let the rain going down and i guess i really enjoy the nature at that moment. Its give me clear thinking of thing that i want to think at that time , its feel like a booster for me .

I think what ll i do for year of 2023 and i make some list in my mind . So before i forget all of it , i guess i ll write some of list here. This is what i think very important .

  1. Be more healthy - This gonna be long journey for year 2023 . I want to get my ideal weight , eat good food and exercise regularly. I want to be active again and use my old clothes .

  2. Make more money and be prosperous - There is a lot of thing that i need to do to executed this planning. Proper list and target should be written down near future to make my goal , aim and work clearer.

  3. Bring my wife travel - I have been travel solo few years back . I might cant travel for long time like before because my wife is working . But , my goal in 2023 is to travel with her and spend more time and get more picture around together with her.

  4. Going back hometown regularly - Our parent is getting old . Im happy that they still good in health . I want to going back home as regular as i can so i can spend more time with them in 2023 . I wish them to have better health next year.

I wish i can make this goal become reality in 2023. More proper planning need to be done so it can be done . They say , goal is only destination to be reach , but proper planning is very important to be written down so it can become good highway for me and you.

Yeah , this it is . I enjoy my time alone give me a good input for myself. This is from me and for me but i still hope this will inspired you to do better list than me .

It's me @tommyl33 from the hill behind the home making this list in my head during the rainy day. ;). Cheers !

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