First time visiting Temple Tai Pak Kong after 30 years of living .

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Temple Tai Pak Kong

After living quite so long here , i just know that the temple in Penampang which is around 30 minutes drive from my house (if not in traffic jammed) was named Temple Tai Pak Kong .


Temple Tai Pak Kong was located at the town which is very different than the Peak Nam Toong Temple which is hidden at housing area. While Penampang town or district was crowded with people and car , the temple give their parking space for public with some payment or donation.

Previously , i never pay attention at this temple . For me , it just some nice temple architecture . But, that day when i was walking at the temple gate , i realise that the entrance being design with hand craft marble plate and this artwork not easy and cost a lot of money.

Just look at the detail :

Just before the entrance there was gate at the public road way with Chinese art engraving which include the dragon engrave on it roof . It look so antique with historical view .

Entering the premise , i can see a lot of car was parking around the parking space. You can see how pack and jammed this place at previous picture. Even the public road was full with people who double park to make quick business there .

At first i was afraid they not welcome me go around this temple. But , since public is welcome to worship the god , the just ask me to be silent and not attract much attention by doing things that forbidden at any temple while respecting their god.

I silently walk around and take picture of this temple. The temple was build by Chinese design with beautiful tile roof with sculptured pillars.

The inside interior design

Another praying area

I feel proud that the local actually can make this awesome structure in my place . They say , this temple was originally being origin by a Chinese migrate to Borneo early 1800 . This lone man didnt realize that he make huge contribution to local after 100 of year.


Visiting this place , make me realise that i should aware more historical place and story in my place. I guess i ll post more about it in future.

Thanks for stopping by and have a virtual visit around this place with me. See you in another post. ;).


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