ASEAN Hive Community Challenge #32 失 Favorite Restaurant

Greeting all .

I hope everyone have a great day today that better than yesterday.


I guess you have been reading some of my restaurant hunting few days ago. Well , the restaurant is clean and nice while the food always awesome but i cant label them as the favorite restaurant for THIS CONTEST

I consider my favourite restaurant when i always craving for their food. In my case , Kedai Kopi Nyuk Pau Menggatal , Ngiu Chap is my favourite restaurant in town.

It currently has a few franchise which serve the best Ngau Chap in town (in my personal opinion). Ngau Chap mean Mixed Beef . Of course their speciality is beef soup which being serve with noodle or sometimes but rarely rice.

Among the franchise , my favourite is their original restaurant which located in Inanam. Lucky it was so near to my place which i can reach about 10 minutes if not traffic jammed if im craving of it. Why this place consider original because their father is based on here , while the other franchise was being operate by their other family.

This is some picture of this place :

Even they serve beef with noodle , my most favourite must with the small noodles since they have variety type of noodles . Some times when my favourite noodles was out of stock and they serve me with other noodles , i can guarantee you that i cant finish the dishes because it has different taste of noodles soup when it blend with my favourite noodle.

Just look how much the beef the chief give me (dont tell other that im regular here and i get this much of beef).

Yeah , if you ask me how much i can give the rank of their food . I ll give you 10/10 because yeah , their food is so damn delicious and consider this as my favourite restaurant.

Just writing this post has already make me craving of it and OMG its already night and i have to wait until tomorrow to enjoy it.

Thanks for stop by. ;). See you in another post.

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