Blog #046 : Seeing the Beauty From the Rice Fields

First of all, I would like to greet all my friends in the ASEAN Hive Community, I hope that all of us will always be given health by God so that we can carry out our usual activities in our daily lives.

This is a view from the rice fields in our village, the view is very beautiful because there is a very wide expanse of rice fields. But the most beautiful sight is when the rice has started to turn green.

because if the rice starts to turn green then the view looks very beautiful and attracts the attention of many people who are crossing this road, because this is one of the access roads to go to Line Pipa Street and even to Mbang.

From here we can see directly the vast and beautiful expanse of rice fields, and what's even better in the afternoon we can see the sunset from this place so that people who are crossing this road are often presented with beautiful views of the sunset or sunrise.

Not far from where I was standing, there is a bridge that is quite high so that from there the view of the rice fields can be seen even more clearly because the bridge is quite high so there are no obstacles when we are there.

And lately the rainy season and dry season are often erratic so that farmers find it difficult to determine when they should start cultivating their land so they can plant rice.

This happened because the irrigation dam at our location had broken down and was no longer functioning, so that the flow of irrigation water was no longer normal and caused the existing rice fields to often dry out if it didn't rain for a while.

In the past, when the irrigation dam was still good, farmers could usually harvest 2 times in one year. However, since the irrigation dam was broken, the harvest process has been hampered and it is not uncommon for crop failure to occur due to lack of water and this is a very regrettable thing.

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