ASEAN Hive Community Challenge #48 : The ASEAN Shoe Pile [Not Really~~]

This is a very interesting topic and I must say it's a common thing to do in some places like schools, prayer rooms and even at home. Here's my entry for ASEAN Hive Community Challenge #48 : The ASEAN Shoe Pile... well, "not really".

There's a reason why I said "Not Really" in my title, though.

I live in a house with only three human members because the other one is a cute little doggy named Arashi, so the shoes or slippers outside don't really pile up unless we have some visitors over. So instead of only the shoe or slipper piles, I'd show you the various slippers we use at home. Let's go!

Say hello to my papa who is always ready to project and say hi to the camera every time it's pointed at him. haha This is the main entrance of our house. This is where we primarily receive visitors although recently, we have a receiving area in our front yard as well.

You may have noticed the pair of slippers outside and another pair papa is wearing inside. Yes, we usually have separate slippers. One pair we use outside and the other we use inside.

Another entrance is through the kitchen door. This is where mama and I usually pass by whenever we go out, so you can see two pairs of slippers. The smaller one belongs to mama and the other one is mine... yes, I have giant feet! lol

I took this in the morning, and I usually go to the garden to check out the plants, but since mama woke up earlier than usual, she wanted to go with me. While wearing the outdoor slippers, our indoor slippers are by the other side of door.

Sorry blurry image... I just noticed now that I see it clearly on my PC... xD

I'm not sure if other people do, but in my case, I usually leave my indoor slippers outside every time I enter my room.

My indoor slippers by my room entrance...

My parents use the same slippers when going inside their room, though. I guess it's because for the longest time, I've been sleeping on the mattress on the floor, so I didn't like taking my slippers inside my room even though it's also indoor slippers.

I do have these slippers inside my room, though. It's supposed to be my bedroom slippers, but in reality, I prefer going around my room barefoot. Do you know the real purpose of these slippers??

It's for emergency use when I see a cockroach invade my sanctuary... it's quite a rare case, but I just couldn't stand them, so I have to be prepared for battle. Though most of the time, I just run out and call for help! lol

The bathroom slippers!

Although we have this prepared, we usually just use our indoor slippers when going to the bathroom so we could also wash them. However, there are times when we use some cloth indoor slippers. You wouldn't want to use those or go barefoot in the bathroom, would you? :)

That's it for my slippers story. I hope you enjoyed it somehow... despite it not showing a pile. ;)

See you around!!!

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