ASEAN Hive Community Challenge #42: Show Me Your Dipper

It's been ages since I last participated in the challenges. How's everything going? I hope everyone is doing pretty well.

As I read the challenge this week, I thought it was really interesting. I didn't know using the dipper or tabo is also pretty common in other ASEAN countries. I thought it's a Filipino thing. Great to know, though.

This post is my entry for ASEAN Hive Community Challenge #42: Show Me Your Dipper .

This is our laundry area which is outside our house. We have water connection, but we still use the water from the water pump for cleaning or watering the plants since it's not treated with chlorine or whatnot. You can see two red dippers on our water pump and they're ready for use.

Although we use our washing machine in doing the laundry, but for our foot rags, we do it the manual ways... and in such case, we need the dipper to make our task easier. Ate Melda is my "dipper model" for t his post. hahaha

We also planted some seed yesterday. (I'll be posting about it soon...) We usually use the dipper in watering the plants as well. However, it has been rainy this week, so we didn't have the chance to do so. Instead, we watered the newly planted seeds before we covered them. :)

Since I stayed out for planting and doing other stuff outside the house, I see to it that I wash my feet before getting back inside the house. So, we usually get the dipper, get some water and wash our feet. Well, we wear a separate pair of slippers inside the house, but it's still so much better with clean feet, right? :)

Although we have a shower in the bathroom, we always have this water containers as well as a couple more dippers. There are times when showering isn't enough, we need more water... hahaha So, it's dipper to the rescue. The separate pink pail is for the most crucial part when inside the rest room. If you know what I mean....?

That's basically it. I used to use one dipper in cleaning my painting materials when I'm painting... I even used one for storage before, but I have a specific place to put my painting-related stuff like brushes now, so I bid goodbye to the dipper. I still use it for cleaning at times, though.

Don't you think it's cute to use it as a cap as well? JK!

I'm glad to be able to join the challenge again after quite a while. I almost didn't make it to the deadline. See you around!!!! (^^,)/

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