World Cup 2022 Fever with Hivebuzz Badges

Hello everyone 👧.

In the past I used to watch soccer matches of my favorite team. This time, I'm watching almost all the matches for World Cup 2022. I got this motivation because @hivebuzz had organised a World Cup 2022 contest for predicting the match result.

I recognized some of the ASEAN Hive Community members watching the World Cup 2022 by reading their posts. I noticed that most of them didn't enter the Hivebuzz World Cup contest. Maybe after reading this post, they or the other members might interested in participating in the contest so that they can get more badges for Hivebuzz achievements.

You can read the more details of the Hivebuzz World Cup contest HERE.

Even though part of the 64 matches of the World Cup 2022 group phase had been played. I think you can still participate by sending 1 Hive to @hivebuzz.pool as a one time registration (in hivebuzz's post they said that you can join it at anytime). Please put worldcup2022 in the memo during registration.

@hivebuzz will send you a World Cup 2022 badge as proof that you participated in this contest. You can check your badge at too.

As you can see in the picture below, out of 24 World Cup 2022 matches played, I had collected 13 badges for correctly predicting those matches. Currently, I expect to get 2 more badges after watching the Spain vs Germany matches (13+2=15 badges now).

Side story

The following is a side story related to World Cup 2022 fever.

Local restaurant at my place, which usually closes at 10.00 pm, had extended hours over the midnight hour. Business owners expect some customers to enter their restaurant to watch World Cup 2022 together.

I have a late dinner with @butwo at a local restaurant after 10.00 pm. We almost decided to eat instant noodles for dinner, but we saw this local restaurant still open during our way back home. We chose to sit facing the television that shows World Cup matches.

I noticed the business owner sleeping on a lazy chair while only the restaurant's workers worked. Does the business owner able to have enough sleep to make it until the end of the World Cup 2022 final matches 😂??

That's all. Thanks for reading my post 🤗.

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