Waiting Till Family Reunion

Hello everyone 👧.

Let me continue my story from my last post, which is about my travels at the end of last year. We (my Mum, Sister and I) had chartered an amazing taxi Grab driver after our visit to Queensbay Mall Penang. As it is a weekday, many people are driving their cars home at that time. Therefore, we expected it would take us 30 minutes or more to reach Penang International Airport from the mall. However, we managed to make it to our destination safely in less than 15 minutes. I think the taxi Grab driver is a former car racer. This was due to the fact that he drove quite fast and was able to make precise moves to overtake many cars on the road. Never mind, it's still a memorable experience for us to learn about the driving culture of Penang drivers.

We planned to drop off our luggage at the Air Asia counter, but the counter was not open for that service yet. This is because we arrived at the airport early thanks to the great driver just now.

I suggested the ladies for having early dinner as we will reach Langkawi, Kedah by flight at 8.45 pm. My Mum rejected. She wants to have dinner with my younger brother there even though it's already quite late for dinner. For your information, my Brother who working at Penang had arrived at Langkawi, Kedah earlier than us by ferry in the morning.

In fact, my Mum needs to regularly take her medicine and her meal today was less due to the long flight. Before we board our next flight I must bring her a light meal so she won't get a gastric stomach. We then decided to have a light meal at McDonald's at the airport.

My Mum wanted to learn how to use the kiosk machine to order food. Then, my Sister and I taught my Mum about it. We waited for the waiter to deliver our food order to our table after ordering.

My Sister wanted burgers, but my Mum criticized her for it. My Mum said it was a heavy meal and was worried my Sister would be too full for dinner later with my Brother at Langkawi. Taking my Mum's advice, we just ordered 20 pieces of nuggets with fries and 3 cups of beverages.

This is my second nugget meal in 24 hours. (Refer Busy Day with Sweets, Lunch and Late Night Snack)

Spent almost 30 minutes at Mcdonald's. We then collected our luggage from the luggage storage shop and attached the luggage tags to our luggage ourselves. We got these luggage tags printed out at the Air Asia self check-in kiosk. I think Air Asia have implemented more machines or hired fewer employees. We self-drop off our luggage at the counter and update our luggage information by scanning the luggage tags.

Still got 1 hour to go before we on board. We waited on benches near the toilet so we could have a last-minute release.

We searched our gate after finished been inspected by the immigration officer. Then, immediately lining up following the existing line that we saw on our designated gate. When we are approached at the gate entrance, we found out we been lining up in a wrong line. The line we lining on was mean for other destination of Air Asia flight.

We double checked the monitor screen, and indeed, we were at the correct gate, but our turn for lining up had not yet been called by the Air Asia employees. At that time, we expected our flight to be delayed already. My Mum already started to feel worried that my Brother who waited us at Langkawi would be hungry due to waiting us for dinner. I contacted my Brother to grab a snack first if he is hungry. My Brother replied to me and said it's alright, he will wait for us to arrive then we can have dinner together later.

After a half hour delay, we boarded Air Asia's flight to Langkawi, Kedah. It's only 25 minutes by flight from Penang to Langkawi. My Mum just read through the flight's catalog and kept saying that Air Asia has the best in-flight meals in Malaysia. I asked my Mum if she wanted to buy a box of meals for our flight now. She denied it and replied that she expected to have dinner with my Brother soon.

I tried using Air Asia WiFi a few years ago, but only browsed Air Asia content. This time, I just relaxed by taking a nap while waiting the flight landed.

My Mum was kind of impatient to get off the flight. She walked very fast, as if she were in a race with most of the passengers on the same flight. My Sister said to my Mum, 'Walk slowly,' but my Mum told her my Brother had waited outside for a long time, and we must hurry.

Up to a point, in the end, my Mum had lost her way asking us where we could collect our luggage.

After we collected our luggage, my Mum walked fast again to exit the Langkawi International Airport. My Sister and I followed her pace without taking in the experience of looking around the airport. Kind of sad, we couldn't look around as it's our first time at Langkawi International Airport.

We finally reunited with my Brother who we did not meet for many months. My Mum hugged him first before my Brother helped us to put our luggage inside the car he rented for our trip at Langkawi Island.

After that, my Brother took us to have our late dinner at a Chinese restaurant just in front of the accommodation or homestay we going to stay in.

The food there was great. Maybe we were consider eating less during the day time that making the food we eat at night taste more delicious.

That's all. Thanks for reading my post 🤗.

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