The Lesson from Getting Rid an Old Tree

Trick or treat and hello everyone 👧.

I’m going to share a real ghost story that experienced by myself in real life. Believe it or not, it's up to you, and can be treated this story as fiction.

Sorry in advance if only one image is shown in this post for this community. This is the story of my past that I did not take any picture of it more than 10 years ago.

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The story started with my late grandma’s family house, which has a big old tree behind the backyard. The height of the tree was very tall, which might be very dangerous if the tree branches fell down to the roof. Instead of trimming the tree to be shorter, my uncle or my blood relative auntie's husband just got rid of the old tree until its roots.

A few months later, my auntie begs for help from family members. My uncle was sick for many months with unknown diseases. She had brought her husband for a cure in a hospital, but the doctor could not cure him. My Dad suspected my uncle was disturbed by evil spirits. Thus, my Dad volunteered to help my uncle to search for a cure from a shaman or exorcist.

My brother went to my late grandma’s house to fetch my uncle and the other three family members (my auntie and her children). He brought them to my house for temporary stays until my uncle recover from sickness. On the way to my house, my brother said the car he drove was unusually heavy. Likes driving a lorry with loading behind.

When just arrived at my house, my neighbour's dogs made a high-pitched crying sound when saw my uncle going up using the outdoor stair to the guest room. My parent used to say if the dogs made a high-pitched crying sound, it was usually because they saw a ghost in front of them. My family members and I feel goosebumps or in Malay language ‘bulu roma meremang’ when we heard the dog’s sound.


The next day, my Dad invited a shaman to my house. After the shaman inspect my uncle, she said there were nine ghosts inside my uncle body. The shaman tries to communicate with one of the ghosts, and the ghosts use my uncle voice to reply to the shaman.

The shaman asked my uncle : Where you come from?

The ghost in my uncle's body replied with a mad voice: From Sepanggar (my late grandma's house area)

The shaman asked again : Why are you possessed in this fella body?

The ghost replied again : My house been destroyed.

The shaman : Which house?

The ghost : He destroyed my house. My tree house!!!

The old tree in the backyard of my late grandma's house was resided by many ghosts, and my uncle had completely destroyed their home.

The shaman : What you want to compensate so that you all can out from this fella body?

The ghost : I want a new house for me and my family.

End of conversation between the shaman and the ghost. The shaman had given us a prescription for buying paper ghost houses, incense sticks, hell notes, and other related goods from a prayer paraphernalia shop for an exorcism ritual.


One week after the exorcism ritual, my uncle’s health not yet completely cure. My Dad invites the shaman to look at my uncle again.

The shaman said still got three more ghosts inside my uncle's body. These ghosts very stubbornly did not want to make conversation with the shaman when she summoned them.

My Dad asked how come, last week, not all the ghosts were expelled from my uncle's body. The shaman replied said not all the ghosts in my uncle's body have the same interest and that the previous ghost considered cheated us for did not disclose the other ghosts' interests. The shaman added these remaining ghosts in my uncle's body, she is unable to expel them. She recommended finding other exorcist for services.


It’s not easy to expel the angry ghosts in my uncle's body. Many exorcists have been invited to my house. Some fail, some success, and even a new ghost had entered my uncle's body due to his weak health and weak spirituality.

A worst event happened to my uncle when he attempted suicide by jumping off from the window on the first floor of my house, but his family who took care of him managed to stop his attempt. I’m not sure about the detail, maybe he was unable to withstand the suffering for been possessed by ghosts or the ghost intentionally use my uncle's body to do a suicide attempt.

I can’t remember how many months my auntie’s family had stayed in my house, perhaps around 3 months or more, left one ghost in my uncle's body. This is also the last group of exorcists my Dad invited to cure my uncle.

The last ghost was very hard to expel. That time, my cousins and I stay inside my room. We heard a loud, angry voice shouting from my uncle. The exorcists prayed to expel the last angry ghost from my uncle's body. All these events, my cousins and I heard inside my room, and we hug each other in a scared mood. End of the ritual, my Dad told us to come out of my room and said my uncle should be OK now. That means no more ghosts inside my uncle anymore.

My Dad asked my auntie’s family to stay in my house for one more week, just in case anything happen to my uncle again.


Nothing happened after my auntie’s family staying one week in my house, and they returned to my late grandma's house. However, my uncle was with side effects with symptoms of Parkinson's disease and tremors at his 50+ age. What I heard from my other cousin said, still got a ghost entering my uncle's weak body, but that ghost was easy to expel.


Currently, my uncle is not here anymore. It’s been 4 years, since he passed. Before my uncle left, he was very thankful to my family, especially my Dad for helping him during his hard time. He even wants to send us money as thanks, but we rejected it.

As a family, we should help each other if in our ability to help it. In addition, we will be alert in removing a tree with spiritual residents in it.

That's all. Thanks for reading my post 🤗.

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