Queensbay Mall Penang - Snacks, Window Shopping and Decoration πŸ¬πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ

Hello everyone πŸ‘§.

As mentioned in my previous post, after leaving our luggage in a luggage storage rental shop at Penang International Airport, we (my Mum, Sister and I) went for a walk in Queensbay Mall Penang before boarding our next flight to Langkawi Island at 8.00pm.Using Grab e-hailing taxi services, it took only 15 to 20 minutes to get to the mall from the airport. We stepped into the shopping mall around 2.45pm.

The first shop we saw in the shopping mall after entering entrance B was a restaurant. The food displays were very attractive and looked very appetizing. Unfortunately, we just had a meal at the airport before heading to this mall. If not, we already have lunch here.

This mall was huge with 5 floors from basement to third floors. We plan to stay at this mall until 5.30pm, or less than 3 hours. At the same time, we wish we were able to window shopping all the area in this mall as well.

As we viewed the ground floor below, we noticed many food shops or restaurants operating in the middle of the basement. Then, we planned to make our first purchase at this Empire Sushi shop (we love sushi). However, we did not buy any sushi from that shop. The sushi we liked was sold out.

The pastries inside Chateraise, a Japanese pastry shop with a French concept, were so tempting that our eyes kept blinking. The majority of packaged pastries that included ice cream were imported from Japan. My Sister bought 2 small packages of waffles, 2 creamy madeleines, and 3 bars of ice cream. We would like to purchase more of the pretty cakes, but we are concerned that we won't be able to bring them on a plane to our next destination. We felt hurt when these pretty cakes we bought were thrown out at the immigration check-in counter.

We were given a disposable cooler bar or pad in our shopping bag by the shopkeeper so that the madeleines and ice creams my Sister bought would not melt easily. The shopkeeper said the cooler pad or bar was only able to maintain the easily melted food inside the bag for only 2 hours.

Afterwards, while window shopping we finally found a vacant bench for us to rest on. On the bench, we enjoyed ice creams and madeleines while watching the commercial for Sport Brand directly in front of us.

We discovered that the waffles and madeleines contained alcohol after tasting them. As I had shared the pictures of this shop in a WhatsApp group chat, I must inform my friends that this shop is unsuitable for Muslim people.

Chinese New Year (CNY) celebration is going to happen in less than one month. The mall is still prepping CNY decorations or replacing Christmas decorations after 4 days OF Christmas. I just took a picture of my Mum with one of the incomplete CNY decorations (horses and a carriage).

A Christmas tree made from piles of books. This decoration was prepared by the bookstore.

Just outside the bookstore, there is a free reading area with benches. I did not see anyone reading on the bench prepared by the bookstore there.

Haidilao Hot Pot, it's a well known restaurant in Peninsular Malaysia. My younger brother, who works in Pulau Pinang, has told us about his experiences dining at this restaurant. He and his friend, 2 men, spent over RM200+ (USD 46+) for a steamboat meal there.

Food courts were situated on the top floors of the mall. We planned to have another stop for dessert in this area but the dessert shop we were looking for was closed at the time.

There's a cage after exiting the food court. People who don't pay their food bills will be jailed. Just joking 😢.

That was an Escape Room game room for people to have fun in.

Paula vs Jefferson


Women clothing vs Men clothing

Selling on the same floor separated both genders of people so they could do their own shopping.

A wide variety of foods are sold inside the AEON department store in the basement. My Mum told me that a box of oranges in the department store is cheaper than in my hometown in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. I replied, we just look at it and don't buy it.

Even though there were many restaurants and food stalls inside the mall, we failed to get to our second stop for dessert. First, my Mum is fussy about what she chooses, and second, we are about to leave for the airport. We spent the rest of our time window shopping.

By 5.30pm, we had explored the entire Queensbay Mall Penang (probably) for window shopping. It's like fun exercise. It's more enjoyable if we have a dinner in one of the restaurants here.

We exited out of the mall and waited at the pick up spot for our chartered taxi to grab us to Penang International Airport for our next travel destination.

That's all. Thanks for reading my post πŸ€—.

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