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Hello everyone πŸ‘§ and Happy Halloween.


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Although in Malaysia not commonly celebrating #halloween but I’m going to share about a real scary story which had happen to me 16 years ago.

Believe it or not its up to you.πŸ€—

Intro-Enlisted to National Services

In Malaysia, any gender of children aged 17 years old and finished their high school will randomly selected to join the National Services or Military Training but only for 3 months period. At that time I been enlisted.

I had been posted to Kota Belud, Sabah, Malaysia camp. The camp was built surrounding with the jungle and sea which suitable for the participants to train the basic of survival.

I had been placed at a building for women only with no room and with 30 beds and cabinets to put your belongings.

The story started-Encounter

Its been few days I trained in the camp. Every night all the participants will had their motivation seminar at the main hall for 2 hours.

During the seminar session, my warden who took in charges of the building where I stayed had summoned me. She asked me to immediately to go back to the building and without explain any reason.

When I reached there, one of my roommate named Barbara been hold by 3 other wardens tightly. She been possessed.

Why I’m been summoned on this unusual occurrence? πŸ™ƒ

In camp only 3 women participants who able to speak Chinese. Since I’m in the same building with Barbara, the warden thought she been possess by Chinese ghost and want me translate what my friend saying. Unfortunately, the ghost not speak in Chinese but in Korean language which I not very familiar on it.

Luckily I have strong heart did not shout of scare in this situation. But still, its still scary for me. πŸ˜–

Suddenly, the ghost who possess my friend speak Sabahan language after speaking her own language for long but no one understand her.

Climax - Understanding

Conversation with the ghost (good ghost) in Barbara body, she said got other bad ghost will possess my friend. This bad ghost will make Barbara do crazier thing like suicide or harm my other roommate. In addition of that Barbara have a body which easily been possess by ghost.

The curious warden ask the good ghost where she from why she not yet go to heaven. The good ghost said she from Korea (did not mentioned from North or South). She been raped and murdered. Her corpse had been threw to the sea and her soul been push to the camp where I stay. She in lost and don’t know how to rest in peace.

She gave additional information that, the bad ghost who going to attack Barbara had most grudges than the other ghosts. 😨Mean there a lots ghosts here.

The good ghost also don’t know how to left Barbara body and in the end Barbara been sent to hospital secretly. I been told by the wardens to kept secret on this matter from other participants.

Why me.😳

Aftermath - Friendship

I more close with Barbara after the event above. Eventually there was some participants knew the event above as some women can’t kept the secret tight. Some scare getting near to Barbara and this make her more depress and more easily to possess with her weak body.

Barbara had tell me that she been possessed again when she back to her hometown during the public holiday. The ghost from the camp followed her back home. Luckily her family had ready the exorcise ritual when Barbara back home. Barbara said that after their training in National Services end, its required many rituals to make her body become strong which not easily possess.

It was an offence to jail if we skip the training in the National Services and Barbara have to wait to get the cure after done the remaining term.

After 3 months of National Services, we had back to our respective home without getting each other contact information. During that era, we don’t have mobile phone and still rely on fixed telephone cable line or public phone.

Ending - After many years

Its been 6 years since I left the National Services in year 2007. I met Barbara again at a market while buying my groceries.

I did not recognized her at first but she talk to me and make me recalled on her. I feel happy that she still remember me and in the same time I feel sad that I had almost forgotten about her.

We only have a short chats as we had our next schedule to do. We forgot to share our contact at that time. I had lost contact with her until now. πŸ™

I able to remember this event at my middle aged now as this was my first time meet a possess person very very very close. I still feel eerier when I write this story while recalled the event.

Thanks and hope you enjoy reading it.πŸ€—

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