Animal Photography Challenge - White 🐶 & Black 😼

Hello everyone 👧.

This is my entry for week 60 of Asean ASEAN Hive Community Challenge under the animal photography challenge theme.

I have many house pets at home. For this challenge I will share about my top 2 pets that are very clingy to me.

Most of the people who know me well will know this male white dog. His name is Uku Chan. Throughout my posts on ASEAN Hive Community and Dbuzz, I always mentioned him. This year he was 5 years old. According to an article, for Uku Chan's age and hybrid of Poodle and Shih Tzu dog with a weight of 11kg, he is about the same age as me.

My title for Uku Chan originally was Aunty because his Daddy is my younger brother. My younger brother is the person who supposedly managed Uku Chan's welfare such as giving him a bath, feeding him, and others at first. However, my title has been changed to Uku Chan's Mommy. This is because the person Uku Chan loves the most at home is me. When I'm at home, he likes to stay near me or follow me anywhere. Refer to the above picture, Uku Chan is still standing beside me when I'm about to sleep on my bed. Even during his dinner, if I'm at home, he will wait for me to look at him to eat his dinner even though my mum has served his dog food in his bowl.

Since I am the Mommy of Uku Chan, my other family members at home are Grandma (my mum), Grandpa (my dad), and Aunty (my younger sister). My younger brother still retains his Daddy title.

Next, this black Persian Mainecoon male cat is Otel. Currently he is 7 years old. Otel is my son but not as clingy as Uku Chan. He will get my attention and climb on me when he needs something from me such as a massage. I think, my dad and I are great cat massagers. Whenever we lie on a couch or bed, Otel climbs up on us and massages our belly. In the picture below, he is massaging my fat belly while waiting for me to massage him back.

Otel is an excellent hunter. It is almost impossible for me to find any brownish small lizard, cockroach, or mouse in my home now. If he caught one indoors, he likes to place the corpse of his prey in front of my younger sister's door. That's matter always makes me laugh when my sister suddenly shouts when she opens her door and sees the scene in front of her. In case Otel caught any prey such as a frog, a bigger lizard (not monitor lizard), mouse and bird, he will place it in front of my house's main door. I think Otel wants to get praise from my family and me, but he always ends up getting scolded by my mum as it is a scary or disgusting scene for her to see the corpse in front of the main door. Or, for a smaller size of his prey, sometimes we will accidentally step on it.

Uku Chan and Otel, both of them are indoor pets. It is common belief that dogs and cats can't be friends, and that they will always fight each other. In my case, it won't happen to Uku Chan or Otel. They will play together and will always be near each other. Since Otel is older than Uku Chan, Uku Chan often acts like Otel or a cat-like pose. As an example, they lay and slept on the floor in the same manner.

That's all. Thanks for reading my post 🤗.

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