ASEAN Hive Community Challenge #12 - Beautiful Landscapes In The Village Near Our Home the Sirena Beach, The Baluarte Beach and the Sea Rocks! ❤️


Hello everyone!

Hope all are safe and well!

Today, I gonna showcase the beautiful landscapes in our village. This is my entry for ASEAN Hive Community Challenge #12 - Beautiful Landscapes Near Your Home.

I got a compilation of photos while I am at home that I think is perfect for this week challenge. 😀 Please join me as I will tour you in our village. 😀

The Sirena Beach


The pictures above are taken when my brother, my nephew and I visited the Sirena beach for a walk. My nephew enjoyed the walk so as we. 😀 The beach have gray sand and turns black when wet. The beach is sorrounded of coconut trees that give shades and coolness of the area. There are cottages to rent that ranges from Php 100.00 - Php 150.00 only. There's no entrance fee. If you don't want to rent a cottage, you can just sit on the sand. 😀 The beach is just a walking distance from our house. It is about 500 meters away from home. If ever lazy of walking, you can ride a motorcycle or tricycle for Php 10.00 fare as of now. Because, before I remember that the lowest fare when I was young was Php 2.00 only becomes Php 3.00 becomes Php 5.00 and now becomes Php 10.00. The highest fare so far, It's all because of the continuous increase of gasoline prices.

When I was a kid, I already know that the beach is called Sirena beach. Sirena means a mermaid. It was in my mind that there's a mermaid in that beach that will show up to us. But, I haven't seen any until now. 😁 That was the story that we often heard from the elderly if we wanted to go swimming at Sirena beach. 😁 Our elders just don't want us to go there because no one can look at us, except if we had family outing in that beach. 😁

The Baluarte Beach

The Baluarte Beach is located at the end of our village about 200 meters walk from Sirena beach. The water is the combination of the river and the sea. It is where the sea water and river water meets.
Before, the Baluarte Beach is more popular than the Sirena Beach. That was the time when the bridge is not yet concrete. When the bridge is only made of woods. I don't have picture to show up. Those times, a lot of locals from neighboring villages are enjoying the beach with family and friends especially during weekends and some especial occasions.

The only pictures I have are the recent ones - the concrete bridges. When the wood bridge were faced out during typhoon Yolanda there are foreign people who helped our village build a new bridge - the small one. It is more safer to walk than the wood bridge. Only the people and the motorcycle can pass through that bridge. Then, before pandemic started there's another bridge to build - a big bridge that can allow any kind of vehicles to pass for an easier travel of the neighboring villagers. The big bridge is one of the build build project of the Duterte administration. Our village will soon become a National Highway. The road will become more dangerous in our village if it happened. It will become a busy road too soon when the road construction becomes complete. I can picture out that our village will soon have no peace because of the busy road and worst might have more road accidents. Hope so not! 🙏
Anyways, the Baluarte Beach was so lively and lovely before. It is also sorrounded of coconut trees and has a wide sand bars to enjoy and walk. But, when these two bridges was built, the beach is not anymore good to visit. The main reason why is because of the soil erosion caused of the two bridges construction. The water eats up the sand both sides. When it becomes high tide, only the coconut trees and the mangroves can be seen in the Baluarte Beach.

In the pictures below is my brother and nephew having a walk in the newly built big bridge.


By the way, I have short history to tell about Baluarte Beach. When I was a kid, I love to listen to the stories of the elders especially about the historical stories.

The Baluarte is the historical site battle of heroism of the Filipino guerillas in bravely fighting the Japanese forces. Some of my great grandparents are one of those fighting with Japanese forces who tried to invade us.

The Sea Rocks

The Sea Rocks has a big contributions to us all villagers. It gives us a lot of foods to be shared in the table for our family in daily living. No one will be hungry actually as long as everyone knows how to find foods that the sea has to offer especially at the sea rocks. You can find variety of seafoods. Just be patient of looking around. 😀

You can also enjoy the view of the sea rocks as if you are on top of the world. 🥰 It looks like you can touch the sky. 😁 We enjoy going to the sea rocks of finding food to eat, of everything it has to offer and the view itself.


So far, that's the beautiful landscape near home I can share for now. Next time I gonna tour you again in our village and show some more photos when I get back home. Hope you all enjoy what you see in our village. Best wishes to all entries for this week challenge. 😀

Have a Blessed Saturday everyone! 😀😀😀💖💖💖

Thank You Lord for the blessings and love!

Be grateful in every little/simple things and you'll find happiness you ever wanted! 😀😀😀
Everyday is worth to be grateful of!

Praying for the safety and wellness of all.

Heal Our Land Oh God!


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