Beautiful and Sublime Sunday- A Long and Tiring Day

Good day, guys!

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Ever since I started working in the UAE, I noticed that time just flies so fast and it feels like I haven't done as much for my age, those are the thoughts that have been lingering in my head........

I try my best to make write every week so I could look back on my journey and what I've gone through. This is the reason why I'm motivated to write.


Here's how my day went, I slept earlier than usual but I had to wake up early because my colleague told me to come at 9 for the photo shoot. I woke up at around 7 and got ready, I was able to catch the 7:45 bus and got a seat. I was really sleepy during the whole ride but I was able to manage to stay awake, don't want to get fined. I noticed that the bus ride was a bit faster because the bus driver was skipping the stops because our bus was really full. I was taking some photos just to keep myself awake. I really can't imagine being a delivery guy and using a motorcycle as a mode of transport here in Dubai, especially during the summer. You must be dying from the heat while you're going to deliver something, I heard some stories from some of my colleagues that some drivers even pass out because of the heat.

Got to the metro station and I decided to use the other route where I pass by two metro stations. I did that because I remembered the last time I had duty that started at 9, I went down to the next station only to find out that the next bus leaves at 8:55 so I rushed to the next station which also has another bus that goes there, but I don't usually use this route because it takes longer, and was able to catch the bus to make it before 9. So the distance of that station just takes 1 minute and 12 seconds, I don't really know why I timed this haha. I was just taking my time because the bus leaves at 8:35. The one thing that I love about that place is the waiting area that's airconditioned and it's really convenient because the bus stops in front, unlike the other metro where you have to walk a b Iit just to go to the bus. I rode the bus as soon as I arrived and I noticed that this route takes longer because of all the traffic lights.




I reached my workplace and I was wondering where was everyone. It's like I sacrificed waking up early and no one was there. Thankfully they arrived after 10 minutes. I thought we would all start early for the photo shoot, though it took time with my other colleagues. I also had to start 2 patients of our doctor. I was just waiting and my turn came up at around 10:20 am. In my head, I was like, What the hell? I should have just gone here at 10:30 because that's really my schedule. I came in an hour and 30 minutes early. I wasn't able to rest as much as I can. But what's done is done, I had to remove that negativity or it might destroy the day of my patients.

My first patient was late by 15 minutes, I haven't seen him for a long time and he said that he felt good already. My second patient was also another patient who I didn't see for a long time, and we had a good conversation about life, she was recommending me to look for places that offer citizenship. She admitted to me that she was depressed when she started here but she went through therapy, which was a good thing because she recovered. The problem with some people especially in the country where I come from is that they stigmatize therapy wherein if you're going through therapy they think that you are crazy, which is a stupid way of thinking.


My third patient came and I haven't seen her for a long time, she said to me that her partner got sick for 2 weeks but I'm glad that he recovered already. I'm still surprised that day come all the way from Abu Dhabi to Dubai just to get treated. After treating her, they called me again to take some more photos with the model, and after that my next patient came. I had to make sure that he was my patient because there was a familiar patient who I treated outside also waiting. I did that because I switched up my patients with another colleague the day before. After the treatment, my last patient before I took my break came. I was treating the husband and we were talking about their future plans because they've been staying here for a long time, they said that they are processing their papers for Australia, and they are doing it for their children's future.

After the treatment, I took my break and ate my lunch, I usually speak with our accountant and she offered me some biscuits which were citrusy. After my break, went inside and had to finish most of my notes. I also helped the doctor with one patient and most of the time I was speaking with other colleagues. I really wished that my 6 pm patient would reschedule earlier but the reception said that their friends getting treated at the same time, which kinda sucked because my plan to leave early was destroyed. One of our colleague's patients gave her pizza and she shared it with us. I was speaking with one of my colleagues and I noticed the time which was past 6 pm already, I thought that our patients wouldn't come but they came around 6:20. We had no choice but to treat them.

Thankfully, my colleague offered me a ride to go the metro station so I just accepted it. That couple is really kind and I've been riding with them from time to time. They usually bring me to the nearest station which is Equiti, this is where I usually ride my bus every morning. I took the metro to go back to the Mall of the Emirates.

I was craving some nuggets from McDonald's and I was wondering how different they would be from the Nuggets from the Philippines. It actually tasted different, for some reason, the nuggets from the Philippines are crispier and more flavorful. And I also like our BBQ sauce better. Though I enjoyed my meal. After eating I went to the grocery and bought some stuff. I decided to go to the bus stop to go home. I was rushing to go there and as soon as I got there, I thought that the bus left already. I waited for around 5 minutes and I didn't like the feeling of the humidity because I started sweating.


The bus came and I really felt so sleepy during the ride. I think I took a nap and I noticed that on one of the stops it was taking really long. I removed my earphones and saw that there was an RTA officer checking all the nol cards. I immediately woke up because there was a chance that they would fine me for sleeping on public transportation. He was able to catch 6 people who were not able to tap their nol cards.

I finally got home after a long journey. I arrived at around 9:27, ate some yogurt and my friend offered me some beef jerky and sweets from South Africa. It tasted delicious. After that just did a bit of chores and spoke with my girlfriend.

I'm really lucky to have friends here in Dubai, I wouldn't know what would be my mental state without them.

Have a great week ahead!

Thanks for reading stay safe always!

The photos used in this post are owned by me.



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