Makes ME Smile During My Wednesday Walk__ A Collaboration by @elizacheng and @tattoodjay


Hello everyone! We had simultaneous Thunderstorms that caused the irregularities of our internet connectivity. Nevertheless, I had a glimpse of the sun and took the opportunity to go out of the house and breath some fresh air on a cool afternoon while watching the clouds turning orange! Ah, another day of my life has passed to face the morrow once again.


I was having my cup of coffee as I watched the youngsters in their biking gears which has become their trending hobbies to escape the boredom of being lockdown and moving up is the best exercise!


Above the pebbled pathway were other groups of young people who preferred to play volleyball. Well, we used to do our early morning Zumba exercise before the lockdown on that park and it was stopped for safety measures of the elders! Now am bloated again. Lol!


This is the children's park. A miniature of the volcano was designed as a landmark.


These beautiful flowers looked beautiful with their varied colors. It can withstand the hot season during summer.


It is a cool ground for past time watching the kids play while playing their favourite online games.


The stage is for small occasions such a local meetings and programs as well as for mass weddings during months of February and June.

I didn't feel like cooking for dinner so I waited for an hour for the stalls to be opened.


This is the upper side of the park, where our constituents love to relax and eat their favourite street food while looking across the park when there's a special occasion in the city. We also have our evening meal here if we want to eat our favourite tocino barbecues. This is only done at the end of the day starting 6: O'clock PM.


As the photo speaks for itself, this is what we call "hanging rice" to pair with the barbecue. It made ME smile. I had been trying to learn how to weave this Coconut leaf to form a little hive where rice is poured inside the hole before closing the entry and cook it with the usual measurement of water.


On the display are different barbecues such as Maskara, intestines, sausages, hotdogs, native chicken barbecue, liver, etc. It may sound easy to make but it's not as easy as that! I tried it once and ended with a bloody finger that I didn't want to try it again. Lol!

These are some of the favourite street foods where the people eat regardless of their social status. It is a place where everyone almost knows everybody in this place. It is a close-knit community. In fact, the barbecue stalls are relatives and living in the same place which is only about 50 meters away from the block.

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