Celebrating my 65th Birthday


Yes my dear readers, I turned 65 last Friday the 13th. It was my lucky day so scratch the old beliefs and believe in yourself! It is said that it's already a bonus when you reach your retirement age @60! Well, I would say that I am still able to drive my old motorcycle without automatic ignition. Lol!


My kids had set an appointment for our dine-in along with my birthday cake. We were only 10 at the restobar since big gatherings are strictly prohibited. They couldn't come so that's all they can do for me. Anyways,we had family chat that day. That's the usual case when kids are all grown up, away from home.

(Photos above are brownish due to the light affects of the surrounding to enhance the right shade of the backdrop)
I ordered additional 10 sets of chicken barbecue with unlirice. No need to get lavish at this time of pandemic!

(Photo: That's my souvenir shot at daylight before going to the restobar.)

At the end of the day, I still thank God and my angels for taking care of me despite this time pandemic. It's already a bonus that I've reached this far.:)

Thank you for dropping by my page.


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