A Wednesday Walk To Antonia's School Made Me Smile While Reminiscing The Past

(Photo: Taken by me during the school opening. At the center is the school principal who was keenly watching over during the enrollment.)

It's school time again so I need to pick up the Home Learning Modules of Antonia who got enrolled in the public school under the Science High Special Training Program. I am proud to say that my granddaughter is gifted with such natural talents both in academic and extra curricular activities. The same goes with her mom before and the rest of my kids!:)


They've filled a whole frame of medals and ribbons as well as trophies which gained awesome praises from our friends and relatives. On the other hand, I may be vocal of their achievements, yet they are humbled by it. I've never heard them brag of what they have garnered for years of hardwork in school.


My five kids had passed that gate for years until they graduated in highschool. I never thought that I will take part of it again. Now that Antonia is already in high school, it means that Granny me will be active again! Lol!

Reminiscing the past ...


As I entered the premises and walked along the pathway, old happy memories came rushing back to me. The cemented floor were once the school project of the highschool students headed by my 3rd daughter who was the president of the Student Body Organization during that time. In order to be qualified for this position, one must have good scholastic record. Well, she had been a consistent valedictorian since her primary years until she graduated in high school. She too, was their school paper editor. The problem is that she let me check her write-ups first to see if there's still some errors before submitting it for printing! My intellectual capacity was challenged! This is the crucial part when you have intelligent kids and they expected so much from you. On the other hand, I felt special.


My daughter was not only the school president and school Editor. She got the rank of a major in CAT, she was their class president and consistent valedictorian since first year until she graduated in high school. She was the school representative for the Ms. Canlaon beauty pageant as well. I was her Trainor when she delivered a declamation piece or in oratorical contests. She got the highest honor in class and garnered 14 gold medals, 2 of which came from the Office of the President with 4 scholarship offers in different prestigious schools. She graduated in Nursing Course with CumLaude award. It was overwhelming!


I became the Chairman of the FPTA (Federated Parents-Teachers Association) through election by the parents themselves during the time of my youngest son. I became part n' parcel of their school. I had been avoiding this position since my eldest child and they told me gleefully: "Madame, this will be your last year with us so there will be no excuses this is time!" I filed my candidacy and won.:)

My eldest daughter and next to her (my eldest son) had their own piece of cake. They were honor students and active in extra curricular activities. My eldest daughter was a player in Lawn Tennis with beauty title too.
My eldest son was full energy (he's a trekker). He was the most intelligent among the 5 siblings.
You see guys, his notebooks were never full at the end of each school year! He used to say that there's no use writing them all in your notes and forget about them later. All you need to do is listen to what the teacher was discussing all about for you to get the right answers! Lol! I said, my son, you're perfectly right but you see, you still need to write on your notebooks because your teachers will have nothing to check!:( Then he would ask his classmate beside him: "Bro, kindly copy what's written on the whiteboard. Don't worry, I'll give you the right answers in our exam, okay?" Uh, uh... He's real lazy when it comes to writing guys! But mind you, he still got good grades and super active in school activities. He played all kinds of sports (Like me) such as Tennis, badminton, softball, baseball, soccer (his passion) and he got 3 gold medals and 1 silver in The Tae Kwan Do Sports competition. He's excellent in drawing too. Antonia's mom (the silent type) also got 90's average scores but she never got in the honor's list because her grade in Math didn't reached 85 as required to be in the list of honor students. I would say it's rather unfair but it's the school's regulation:(

(Photo: A new shade was constructed outside the school rooms for the parents/guardians to practice social distancing.)

And the last but not the least, my youngest son got an 88-89% average score. He was not happy about it. He said he was sorry because it's all what his brain could tackle. Adding further that he's not like his brother and sisters with 90's. There was a pain in my heart. These insecurities must be stopped. I told him that it's fine with me and his dad. He still got good grades and medals and we love him so much. I said we are not forcing you dear, all you need to do is pass in your exams and everything will be alright.

This is the hardest part when one of your kids has the insecurities such as this. I told them that I love them all so dearly and that no one is above the other. Therefore, they still need to do their daily tasks at home like taking turns in washing the dishes, sweeping and scrubbing the floor!:)


Now am back to square one because Antonia's mom will be going out to work as a Nurse. It made me smile. There's still a long, long way to walk towards success!

She's Antonia's teacher in TLE. It means that we will be seeing each other every time we submit their modules! Looking at her reminds me of my eldest daughter because they were classmates before... sigh..


I took photos of the bright yellow sunflowers beside the gate when I went out. It was already high noon!

Thanks for this collaboration by @tattoodjay and @elizacheng.

Have a nice day ahead everyone!


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