A Walk Along My Backyard MakeMe Smile: The Huge Leaves


Hello everyone! I would like to show you one of the moments when I had a walk in my garden around the house after the strong wind caused by Intertropical Convergent Zone. I had to ask my house buddy to do the clearing with all the leaves all over my precious ornamental plants and the edible ones in our backyard.


Now I will no longer have goosebumps when I visit the giant Taro plants with leaves as big and wide as that of Antonia's umbrella!


We call the taro roots Bisol or Gabi depending on its kind. On the above photo is what we call Bisol. The roots or bulb are scattered. Gabi on the other hand have full body so you need to pull the whole plant, cut the main bulb then replant it again.


See, the plant had grown well after the rain during the previous typhoon. It wasn't damaged since it was at the back under the big trees. I once said that I better plant Bisol if I want to compete with those trending gigantic leaves! With this, I can dig and extract the roots and cook it. For the Gabi, you can eat all from roots to the leaves added with coconut milk. We call this pinangat.


Now that's my souvenir pose before the leaves wilt. It made ME smile. When this occurs, expect to have bigger and yummy taro roots!

Thank you for the Collab of @ tattoodjay and @ elizacheng and the #Asean Hive Community for the support!

Till then,


Thank you

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