A Visit To A Friend's Little Garden It made ME Smile__A Collab by @tattoodjay and @elizacheng


Happy Wednesday everyone! It's a fine day today so I went to my friend's house to have my manicure. She has been my manicurist since I worked as board secretary at the Sangguniang Panglunsod in our local city government.


Actually, she may be a manicurist but her income is more than what a regular employee's get on daily basis. She can earn more than 1k PHP a day with 120/manicure-pedicure! She's already a pro with many customers. The good thing is that her clients barter their rare plants with her collection of plants and some only give it for free when they come to have their nails cleaned just like me. Hmmm, I got some from her too for free:)

Here are some of her caladiums which she placed on her window rail:


That leaf with two colors named 'doble cara' costs 700php alone which is the cheapest while the rare ones were at the back.






The last photos are the most expensive ones which was bartered by her clients. Well, I will just wait for the little sprouts to grow. Lol!


Adjacent to the their house are friendly neighbors or should I say close related family friends and ours too. They too have a line of beautiful plants. Their store is just beside the street but it didn't stopped them from collecting plants through horizontal gardening.


Most of all, I love the flower of this sort of fire plant in star shapes!

After saying goodbye, I went to the resto to buy my favourite Carbonara. Before going out, I took a look the aquarium. They became more beautiful with the little crowns on their heads. They have become bigger with big belly this time. It made me smile. Soon I am pretty sure that a bigger aquarium will be put up for the coming Holiday season.

Thank you for visiting my page. Keep safe everyone!

Till then,



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