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"Disassemble the Honda Metik engine due to running out of oil "

Assalamualaikum hive friends, hopefully we are always in good health, amen, rabbal alamin.

Dismantle or repair the engine on the way

On Saturday my friend and I wanted to go to a destination, and we rode a honda metric train, we walked slowly and relaxed , in the middle of the trip our train broke down, we thought it ran out of gas, and we got down to see the gas, but the gas didn't run out, there was still a lot of gas, then k We revived Crete and thank God it was alive.

And we continued our journey again, with a distance of 1 kilometer our train broke down again, and couldn't walk anymore, and didn't want to start anymore, and we pushed it for a distance of 500 meters, because In front there is a train workshop, then we take our train to the workshop, and immediately dismantle the engine

Then the repair shop technician checked the condition of our engine, then opened the oil, apparently the oil ran out hahahahah we felt ashamed and our car was dismantled for 3 days before it was ready.Hopefully this will be a lesson for us, take care of your car as best you can. The price of oil is only 40 but if you run out of oil in the engine, you will spend 1 million to repair it.

photo of the engine repair process

photo of the engine repair process

photo of the engine repair process

thank you hopefully useful 😊🙏

Camera usedHandphone
LocationAceh, Aceh Utara

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