Is getting late but crowded

Hi there dear Asean Hivers. How's your August going? Hope you having an amazing and blasting August. Today i wanted to share with you a midnight night market that i visited recently. This market only operates during the late night until dawn. So join me and i'll show you some of it.

Is Sunday midnight and i visited this midnight market that are welly known by the locals for it's wholesales pricing. This market is called Sam Pheng market that are nearby to Chinatown Bangkok.

This the main entrance to the market. As the night goes is getting even crowded to visit. Guess the night still young huh. 😁😁

Hehe they do wholesales face mask, face shield and hand alcohol as well too. With wholesales price.

The deeper you go, the more discovery you can find here. With shop lots are opening as after midnight past 12am.

So accessories shop that i visited. Selling mostly for ladies or girls related. From hairpin, bandage, hair band, necklace, waist band to rubber etc. Whatever you name it you can found it here. Or even stuff you never seen or know before. So are the bags as well.

This shop lots that was burn down last month during the day due to electric box failure. Not to mentioned is and old shop lot as well.

Not to forget about street food too. Well we all need to eat too right. And yes these seller do sells at night for the demand as well. I must say is good business selling at night there.

Not to forget to share my late night supper as well after went shopping there. Some papaya salad and fried wan ton.

Well that's from me today. Keep rocking and rolling my dear Asean Hivers. Until then, see ya and take good care.

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