ASEAN Hive Challenge - Landscape Photography

What's up my friends. What's up for this weekend? As for today's challenge Landscape photography from Asean Hive community which i wanted to share with you about mine. So jump on in and let's go.

I wanted to share with you this place which located at Khon Kaen but outside. As now rice seasons is here which makes it full of greenish view all around here. Quiet and peaceful yet with fresh air and cooling at the night time.

Yo whatsup my friend. With their baby too.

Local farmer likes to pet Buffalo. With custom made shelter for them to avoid hot afternoon and summer time as well. And yup with their baby too.

Not only rice they're plating they also plant sugarcane as well as you can see from the picture here.

As you can see on my right is sugarcane farm and left is rice padi field. This the way to the farm. Just a small road filled with sands and small stone. As it gets sticky during the rain seasons.

Blue sky with green land. Do you like this kinda view?

My doggy Herry checking out. Seems kinda fun to run she says.

The only tree that located middle of rice padi field. No idea what tree it is but surely good for photo composition.

Over here have a lake too. We used to hang out around here during the olden days.

The local trying their luck for fish at the lake. Of course with safety as well.

Well that's my entry for today. Hope you're well and doing great. Until then. Keep rocking and hiving my friend.

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