The Motorcycle Tire is Leaking and Must be Replaced With a New One

Hello my hivers friends wherever you are. why there is a reciprocal relationship because in truth we cannot live alone but need other people to go hand in hand so that this life can run smoothly. like what happened to me a few days ago. when I'm enjoying my daily routine, I go to work with enthusiasm and have finished my work, then I want to rush back to my boarding house. but when I turn on my motor I feel there is no obstacle at all. Finally in the middle of the trip I realized my tire was punctured and felt like I wanted to fall down. then I didn't stop by the workshop right away because it was already 8 o'clock at night. I decided to check the motorcycle tires again and take a photo with a flash, and I realized that my tires were really punctured.

then I uploaded the photo as my watshapp story photo. I was surprised because my boarding house mother offered to help, but I politely refused and said tomorrow I'll go at work and take my motorbike to the repair shop. my boarding mother also answered ok deck. it was late at night I immediately tidied the room and I cleaned and finally I rested. the next day at 10:10 I went to find an open workshop. He closed the workshop for my first destination, the second workshop he couldn't fix the tires, the third and fourth workshops were very crowded considering I entered at 11 pm Finally there was a Keima workshop which was deserted and I tried to immediately say my motorcycle tire was leaking. finally he immediately worked on my motorbike but when checked there was a torn scratch on my tire .. finally I was offered to change the tire. the options are 2 tires, the first is a new tire, the second is a second tire. the price is also different, the new one is about $25 and the second one costs $18 then I'm confused because I really don't understand about tires, I immediately answered briefly, sir, I wanted to call my mother to ask for advice. the workshop father immediately said yes please. I called my mother and on the second call I just picked up and asked what was wrong so I immediately answered the timeline and asked if I should choose a new tire or a second one. finally my mother answered choose the new one. so I immediately told the repairman to replace the new tires he said okay, ready. not half an hour he was done and I immediately rushed to pay him. in a conversation with the repairman he asked if I was from this city. and I said yes. then I was asked where I work and I answered there sir. then he said his boss was his high school friend and finally I got a discount of $ 1 finally I said thank you sir and said goodbye to leave his workshop.


That's my story, dear, when I faced a motorbike that I didn't know how to take care of. I can only ride him. I feel very guilty to my motorbike even though he has helped and accompanied me during my time where I have to go here and there, finally I can only check tires and wash them and even then pay a motorbike washer. I'm very busy and tired and finally I also rarely post my activities in the real world with you my online friends out there. I miss you so much I hope you are all very well and the universe always gives happiness to you. I really love you where you are regardless of race, physique and class or religion. you guys sincerely read this simple post, hopefully I can speak English well so I can communicate smoothly with you but it's difficult and really takes a long time like my imagination at this time. welcome to the next post i love you.

Oh yes dear may I get information from you after undergoing 2022 which is almost half this year whether there are significant changes to your life, for example you are accepted in a large company or something else.

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