Hello hivers friends wherever you are. I greet with a sincere heart and quite happy. I miss you my pen pals, aren't you guys busy today? if you're not busy and you have a little free time, take your time to read my story, dear. Maybe for those who have read my story about earning from ecency. Honestly, in the last few months I haven't withdrawn any money from ecency. The last time I cashed out was in February and even then, it was a gift from Harlowjourney. I did take a break from writing activities here, but I always took the time to vote for other people's posts even though my voting power was very low. and a few weeks ago I was shocked after seeing the price of hive on the indodax application. very far from my prediction. why it can decrease so drastically almost 50% before february. It's a pity because it also affects the strength of the cellphone in my account. At first I was lazy to write again, namely a personal problem regarding infidelity, the second was about I've seen news updates from the Indodax application, namely the abolition of making vouchers. so that the funds that can be disbursed are at least 500 thousand rupiah. I'm getting further away from this app. but I went back to writing because it was something that I couldn't really convey to humans I had to write and as a result I would be relieved and my heart happy.



Honestly, I really regret why this phenomenon occurs. I know that everything has to be changed so that everyone doesn't get bored easily but I think that Indodax's policy of abolishing vouchers is very unfortunate, maybe other factors being considered have bad consequences I don't know about that, my feelings say so. Why I like indodax is because the hive market price on indodax is much more expensive than in other applications such as binance and huabi. They also have their own benefits for everyone, but I don't feel like using any application except Indodax.


Now lastly, I thank the Indodax application because I had time to use the voucher creation feature. I after checking in detail I earned from september 2021 to last february I have withdrawn $143 which is a great achievement. I wonder why I can make so much money and can make ends meet and be able to give charity. I also thank good people hope you get a reply that is much more useful for you. okay, first of all, dear, I hope you are in the protection of God and always healthy.


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