Go for a walk just buy snacks

Hello, happy Wednesday, dear, I'm very enthusiastic because the weekend is coming soon. I have a way to please myself by refreshing. I'll be fine if I have a lot of money because I can buy fun. even though my love story is very picky I've forgotten it, is there anyone here who hasn't forgotten and still loves his previous lover? if there is something natural, dear, don't force yourself to forget because actually forgetting is getting used to without him and then we are forced to continue with our lives. but I suggest you have to finish first with your feelings before you start a new love. This photo was taken when I was off work I did things that entertained myself. at that time it was my birthday on May 8, 2022, I am now 24 years old, but until now I still fail in love somehow so that I don't fail, even though I also didn't do anything treacherous to my partner, instead I became their victim. I guess I don't believe in love anymore. how to believe if what was thought to be as close as a pulse is now as far as the sun.


Actually I've moved on but sometimes I still remember him when I'm alone maybe when I want to sleep. but it's a natural thing because I've been sincere that he is happy with the woman of his choice. Maybe it's a woman like Rahma who he admires and wants all this time. but I'm not insecure I'm independent, I can earn my own money I never rely on anyone except my parents. my parents are good people all over the world they accept me and always encourage me. they really fight for my happiness why should I be sad for someone whose life is very sad like him. he is a person who is not grateful to have me right? so that he arbitrarily hurts my heart continuously. I am relieved that I can finally be free from that very toxic relationship. Even though I didn't accept it at first, I felt like I was thrown away like trash. but i realize i'm a diamond one day people meet i'm a very lucky man. haha




Oh yes dear I also intend to take my salary at the atm machine but on that date I checked it hasn't been transferred finally me and my sister decided to go buy kebabs and burgers then I was told by my sister to send a whatsapp message to my boss to ask my salary, then he sent it straight away because he forgot. so I can treat my sister to a kebab. and gave a little money to my grandmother. Then I gave my mother's money then the rest for me to live for the next month.

Then I arrived home, I took a photo first to share this with you dear. I don't have a birthday cake, I just eat burgers and kebabs. I don't have candles blowing or rice cones but I am sung a birthday song by my mother and my two nephews. In the way of Allah and given a lot of sustenance, immediately graduate and work decently with a large salary. One day I will make that dream come true. just wait.. I don't need a man anymore. I just need money to make my parents happy. Even though my parents can earn their own livelihood, I still want to help them. because I really love them. My salvation from harm is the form of the prayers of those who always call my name. then do I have to be sad because of other people's behavior even though he doesn't have a positive effect on me he is just a burden to me which makes me cry continuously and mentally down. Enough, I don't want to be a weak woman. I'm grateful he got a woman who cursed her behavior very sad attitude. they are both hypocrites.

Okay. That's enough, dear, I hope you understand the wisdom I said throughout my story. I'm not a writer if there is a misunderstanding in English I'm very sorry I hope you can understand what I mean, see you


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