Fast Food Cafe Located on the Bridge

Hi Everyone,

How are you dear? The atmosphere is still Chinese New Year where in various countries that celebrate it, it must still be felt as well here, but the difference is that this Chinese New Year I didn't get any red packets at all. Actually I'm sad but also aware that I don't have a relative who incidentally is Chinese. two years ago maybe in 2019 I still got 15$ in red from my neighbor's husband. because my neighbor's husband works in Singapore, maybe he is also of Chinese descent, I don't really know because his husband rarely returns to Indonesia. apart from the symbol of the distribution of angpau, which is important, all can be happy and can enjoy God's blessings.

Actually pleasure can be sought and happiness can be created, actually I was having a little problem last night with my guy he is so sensitive and I am so loud in talking. I was not aware that what I said would hurt his heart, but I did not intend to invite him to be hostile, so that until now he has not been able to contact me. maybe I should look in the mirror and reflect on myself but I'm sure it's a factor in my period I often get emotional when I'm menstruating are you guys like me dear? whose emotions are unstable during menstruation. I hope he can understand how I feel.

Dear now, it is raining in my village, usually in the morning like now, the standard rainfall is not until there is lightning, different from the afternoon and evening rainfall, lightning definitely accompanies it. Dear do you remember my previous post, namely the river under the bridge. Turns out I haven't shared that why I went there. there is a cafe which is very popular with young people. It serves a lot of various kinds of food and drinks. I honestly just visited the cafe for the first time with my friends. until there we ordered food and drinks.



The first time I saw the drink I ordered was called a melon milshake. I'm very spechless because usually I find other milshakes generally without ice cream, but this time it's different I found a new variant that has ice cream, it makes my heart very happy to see it dear. who doesn't love ice cream? I don't think so because ice cream is ice heaven. coincidentally my friend ordered lemon tea but if he heard from the story the tea was very bitter, different from lemon tea in other places. In terms of food, everything is delicious because I tried all of them, what I like the most is the fried getuk filled with melted chocolate which is topped with breadcrumbs. it tastes very good dear. Then nuggets and french fries generally taste like it's very common like what you eat dear, so there's no need to be curious about the taste of those two foods. all you need to try is the fried gethuk filled with chocolate topped with breadcrumbs, it's very delicious dear.




With shapes and colors like that, are you interested, dear? try anyone who wants to eat it please leave a comment, dear.



This is a closer photo of the drink I meant the milshake earlier. you guys must be very curious, dear, about the price of all the food, all of which can be enjoyed at a price of $3 which is very cheap, but if you don't want to find the food in the cafe, try to make it yourself because it's very easy in my opinion, please open and use youtube media because of all my tutorials. flavors available there. I'm grateful that in my era I can use YouTube to make unique foods without having to ask other people, I think that's really cool dear.

Actually, food and drink is one of the absolute human needs, so as much as possible besides being concerned with food, don't forget to prioritize cleanliness because if the food you eat is dirty then it will cause stomachaches, in the end we ourselves are affected, so you have to stay safe, friends, hivers. that's all the story journey this time, hopefully in the future I can share very good moments to enjoy in your leisure time. good bye see you dear.

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