Enjoying the end of the year on a beautiful beach

Hello, how are you all here, I hope you all enjoy the year-end atmosphere.

Talking about year-end holidays, of course, the thing that comes to our minds is. Walk and
visit beautiful places. To relax and enjoy the cool air to relieve fatigue after being tired of busy activities and routines this year.

There are many choices of places that can be visited, some people choose places that are far away, some also choose places that are close, depending on their circumstances and financial conditions, it could be, hehehe

I myself chose a close place to visit at the end of this year, and I chose a beach location to enjoy the days towards the end of the year.

Today I spent almost all day on this beautiful beach with my friends, enjoying the beautiful atmosphere with stunning sea views.

In our area there are various types of beaches, there are beaches with wide stretches of white sand and there are also beaches where there are rocks along the coast.

The condition of the beach that I visited included the criteria for a beautiful rocky beach with a circular beach shape and lots of overgrown trees around this beach.

Capturing some beautiful photos is something that should not be missed when you are here, walking along the long beach and feeling the vibrations of the beautiful sand is really very pleasant.

After having fun and being satisfied enjoying the beautiful beach atmosphere, now is the time to enjoy the food and drinks that are available and sold at cafes near the beach.


There are various choices of food and drinks available at this cafe, but today I only chose a few types of food menus.

I ordered black pepper chicken satay and rice with a blend of strawberry squash and refreshing cold tea. This is really a perfect blend.

And one thing that should not be missed here is, enjoying the beautiful view of the sunset in the evening,

Finally today I have finished and have fully enjoyed the days before the end of the year. The beach is an interesting place to visit, full of charm and fun.

That's what I can share in my first post in this community, I hope all of you are willing to stop by my post. Thank you and see you in the next post.

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