The Beauty of Spider And Mushroom

Hello Asean friends, best wishes to all of us who are in this beloved community. Today I want to display some pictures from my photography. There are two types of macro photography images that I want to show today, namely pictures of spiders that have very interesting colors, and some very nice looking mushroom pictures.

The spider that I photographed was on the leaves, the size of this spider is small but they have very beautiful eyes and a very shiny slightly green color. The eyeballs of this spider are round and when we see it we definitely like its beauty. These animals have many types and many sizes, and even when we see one type with another, sometimes there are differences in shape, size and color. Spiders are also animals that like to prey on other animals that are smaller than themselves, they have weapons to prey on other animals, namely the silk threads that are in them. The silk thread they have also functions for their nest which is made so neatly, so they can stick on the silk thread.

I've also prepared some really nice mushroom pictures. The mushroom I photographed is white which looks really nice. This fungus grows on weathered wood, this fungus grows very well on this wood. Mushroom is one of the plants that can grow in soil and also in wood. I also don't know whether we can eat this mushroom or not. All right, friends, let's see the spider and mushroom pictures that I have prepared.

![](Uploading... IMG_5135.JPG)

Here's a screenshot of a spider I found in the grove.

Then this is the result of shooting mushrooms that I found on weathered wood around where I live.

I hope with some pictures of spiders and mushrooms can entertain all my friends. Stay enthusiastic for all of us in carrying out our daily activities and thank you for all of us who are in this beloved community.

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