Wednesday Walk That Make Me Smile

Every day and every night, I have been thinking of so many things in my life. It has a lot of drama that weakened me but made me stronger. Failure and success are just the processes of life. It changes every minute and it is up to us how to deal with it. Telling a story can cause teardrops. So I just wanna say that don't judge people and you will not be judged too. We have a different life, our life has different styles to each other. Have a nice Wednesday to all of you. Let us have the fullest energy to face the truth of our life. These are just my thoughts for today.

Yesterday's walk at the rooftop

The view of the city before sundown.

The cloudy sunset, I didn't see the sun before it hides but the color of the clouds above.



The aerial view of the city yesterday. It was incredible and nice. The color was different that cause me to rushed upstairs and saw the cityscape.

Another Wednesday walk that makes me smile.

I want to add more stories here in my Wednesday walk. It was all about the continuation of my post about the beautiful and sublime Sunday. I considered it for the @tattoodjay initiative and @elizacheng #makemesmile.


The house was super beautiful and they adopted the Western-style. It looked one story only but it has second flour. I didn't take pictures inside, since there were so many Saudi Arabia female and the employer inside. We went outside and enjoy the garden. There were hundreds of plants around and a perfect landscape but the light is too low.

This is the only side I took a picture of. I was outside and saw the female employer sitting on her golden chair, through the glass sliding wall. It can be widely open facing the garden if they like and want the fresh air outside.

What a beautiful house, I saw here in Saudi Arabia. I have been here many times but I didn't see the interior and the front view of the house.


My friend enjoyed the moment taking a picture on the green grass and all the plants around with the hammock being tied up on both sides of the wall.


She is one of my best friends who always gave me gifts. Almost all my dress were all gifts from her. She is so kind and generous from Sulu, Jolo.


I met a new friend who works at the back of this house and she is so nice too.


The plants formed into an arc before entering their garden. It is really like a little paradise.


My friend took me a picture and it looks dark but I love it.

I would like to say thank you to @asean.hive @tatttoodjay @elizacheng for this initiative.

Hive On and Keep safe!


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